Our Top 5 Shades of Blue

Looking for a little bit of blue to brighten your space? Whether it’s a bold shade of navy or an airy pastel, these tried-and-true favorites prove that blue’s versatility has something for everyone.

circles with shades of blue


Like the night sky, Naval’s depth creates a rich background for the colors of your home to unfold. Whether they’re minimalist or maximalist, this easy-to-use hue has a knack for tying everything together.

Salty Dog

Salty Dog’s aquatic shade is easy to get lost in thanks to a saturation that feels deep and bright at the same time. This attention-grabbing neutral pairs especially well with a crisp shade of white to create a classic color duo.

Smoky Blue

Just like the name implies, Smoky Blue features subtle gray undertones that lend this medium hue a hazy look. To keep this color feeling brighter, make sure to use it in a space with lots of natural light.


If you’re looking for a hue that’s calm and serene, an airy shade of blue might be the answer. Stardew’s breezy energy fills the room with bluish-gray color that reminds you to slow down and enjoy the time you’re spending in a space.


Silvermist mixes blue with a little bit of gray and green for a trifecta that’s a true chameleon. Whether it’s other paint colors or a collection of accessories, this transitional shade makes it easier than ever to mix warm and cool tones together.

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