3 Tips for Painting With Dark Colors

Painting with dark colors can seem daunting. Will it make the room look small? How do I keep my room from feeling like a cave? Can I go that bold? We’re here to help you embrace these bold hues and show you how they can work.

Bathroom, blue cabinet with 2 sinks, 2 mirrors, navy blue and white walls

Start Small

If you’re looking to infuse some bold color into your space, but the idea of saturating an entire room has you on the fence, just start small. A feature wall is a great way to introduce dark colors into your home’s palette without going all in.

Cozy living room

Think About the Space

When deciding to use a dark color on your walls, it’s important to keep in mind how different hues can influence the space. Crisp, jewel tones like Salty Dog can bring energy to a space, while hues like Urbane Bronze create a look that’s grounded and earthy. The color you ultimately choose should match how the room is being used.

Dining room, black cabinets and wall, large windows

Create Balance

Light and dark have always contrasted with each other. The breakdown is simple – dark walls are brightened when accented with a palette of bright colors, lightened when paired with soft neutrals, and dramatized when used in a monochromatic color scheme. Applying any one of these simple theories to your home will ensure you create a harmonious space when working with dark colors.

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