Grayed Out?

It’s no surprise that the go-to neutral for the last decade has been gray, but we’re starting to see the trend shift from cool to warm as another neutral is making its way back into our homes – we’re looking at you, beige!

Light Gray Dining room

Back to Beige

When beige entered the scene as the neutral of the early 2000s, we saw all-beige everywhere. From the walls to the furniture, monochromatic color schemes were dominating our homes. How will beige get a new look in 2020? This warm neutral won’t be a direct pickup of where it left off. We’re starting to see it paired with color! Muted jewel tones and bold earth tones help keep the 2020 revival of beige feeling far from dated. True shades of beige like Shiitake and Accessible Beige are the perfect blend of warm and cool so you’re able to keep your space feeling fresh and full of color

Going Greige

Greige mixes a little gray with a little beige to create a hybrid color that bridges the best of both neutrals. This hue can take on a variety of different tones that range from warm to cool and somewhere in between. No matter the ratio, this transitional shade is the perfect way to update an all-gray color palette.

Ready to find your shade of greige? We’ve got a handful of options to put you ahead of the color trend. Perfect Greige features a medium tone that balances equal parts of gray’s coolness with beige’s warmth for a temperature-balanced color. If you’re leaning toward a warmer space, Windsor Greige and Mega Greige have undertones of yellow and brown that play into the warmth of beige. In the epic battle between gray and beige, remember you can always go greige.


  1. I bought 5 gallons of Perfect Greige. Only painted 1/2 the house and glad I did. This is a very odd color in the walls. More beige than grey reflected in the color. It is very dark also. Will be in to purchase something lighter. It is a great paint to work with and smooth on the walls.

    Linda A Woodman
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Linda! Perfect Greige is indeed dark and can look beige in certain lighting. The list below is of similar colors, but with a decided gray hue to them. Take a look at:
      Roycroft Mist Gray SW 28544
      Skyline Steel SW 1015
      Modern Gray SW 7632

  2. We are halfway finished painting our entire downstairs with Loggia. It is AMAZING. I’m sad that it didn’t make your greige list. It is so versatile and shifts in tone from AM to PM.

    Our house is very open concept with a two story foyer. We are adding shiitake on the stairs and upper hallway, and moths wing to our fireplace surround as an accent.


    Tina Kozloski
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Tina! Loggia SW 7506 is still a popular neutral similar to Balanced Beige SW 7037. Good luck with the rest of your project. We would love to see how it turns out. If you are sharing updates on social media, use the hashtag #SWColorLove or you can upload your project to our #SWColorLove Gallery

  3. What is the difference between greige and taupe?

    Barbara Leonard
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Barbara! Greiges are a gray with a beige undertone. Taupes are beiges with a pink undertone. A lot of taupes can turn pink or purple in certain lighting.

  4. What about the color China Doll? Or is that a local builder color here in my area? Sherwin Williams here knows it well here. It’s a great neutral. Which of the above colors is closest to that? What else was on the color strip with China Doll?

    charlene hansen
  5. What color of beige is used in the dining room photo here?

    Carole Brooks
  6. I am over Gray. Went back to a color popular years ago. Kilim beige. Goes with many other colors

  7. Dear SW-
    Is there a greige Offered that has a warm/green undertone, with a value/depth similar to
    SW’s Perfect Greige color?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Robin! Grays can be tricky. They can only be made by combining color families. There are basically three families of gray: blue-gray, green-gray and griege. Here are some green-grays similar to Perfect Greige:
      Comfort Gray SW 6205
      Rare Gray SW 6199
      Escape Gray SW 6185

  8. I just painted my upstairs hallway and stair Gossamer Veil, I have been contemplating what do do with the main floor. I wanted a neutral, but no more gray, so your article was helpful in suggesting a beige or greige, thank you! What is your top recommendations, coming down a hall and into an open area following the Gossamer Veil? This way I can go pick up the sample at our local store and see what works! Thank you. Tammy

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Tammy- Consider the following greiges to flow from your Gossamer Veil. You will have to go a little darker in order to differentiate for that “pop” of color. Take a look at:

      Dorian Gray SW 7017
      Amazing Gray SW 7044
      Mindful Gray SW 7016

  9. What white goes well with Touch of Sand?

  10. Try Portico in a sateen finish! I’ve used it in 3 homes now. It’s the perfect neutral.

    Sally Burke
  11. I have accessible beige in the majority of my home. It’s my go to come for our rental homes as well : ) I love it but would like one shade lighter for one of my rooms. There isn’t a shade lighter on the color strip so could recommend others that have the same undertone but are lighter in value? Thank you!

    Tracie Hermsen
  12. I’ve painted my entire home in Moderate White 6140. Absolutely love this color in smaller spaces like my bedrooms. The larger where there is more light makes the walls appear a bit creamier which is still nice but unexpected. I’m desperately trying to find a clean neutral color to now paint my kitchen cabinets to blend with the moderate white walls. Any suggestions would be fantastic!!!

    Anne Jamison
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Anne! You could stick with your monochromatic palette and use Macadamia SW 6142 on your cabinets. If you want a different look, please let us know the color(s) of the following in your kitchen: flooring, counter tops, backsplash and appliances.

  13. I used greige and shitake in my newly remodeled kitchen, it blends beautifully with my cherry and Flint cabinets and dark cherry woodwork and doors.
    This blend of color works well with delconca long tumbled subway tile and

    Laura Spleen
  14. Your email teaser for “tried and trendy” featured a photo of a white kitchen with wood beams and coral and blue/green accents. I can’t find the photo on your website. Can you identify the white used in that kitchen?

    Betsy Taylor
  15. Hi,

    I’m looking for a lighter paint color for windowless basement rooms that will go with the Mohawk Luxurious Model 511 Marsh Grass color carpet I selected. Unfortunately, in my basement lighting, the carpet looks like a taupe/mushroom color with pinkish rather than green or yellow undertones. I’m finding it difficult to find a paint complimentary to go with this taupe carpet. Any suggestions?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Melanie! We think these soft neutrals would look great:

      Natural Linen SW 9109
      Pacer White SW 6098
      Malabar SW 9110

  16. There was an article a couple weeks ago regarding a touch of sand. There was a picture, I believe, of a living room with an accent wall which was a dark green or possibly even black. Would you know the color? I can’t find the picture.

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Ellen, we weren’t able to locate the image you mentioned. Could the color have been Greenblack SW 6994?

  17. My Hallway is Kilim Beige and I am thinking of painting my 2 bedrooms either Dorian Gray or Ellie Gray. will this blend with the hallway? also have 2 small bathrooms off the bedrooms any suggestions for the bathrooms? thanks

  18. We painted our great room a brownish, darker shade of “greige” nearly 10 years ago. To this day I still love it, despite it losing it’s trendiness especially in the last 5 or so years of everything grey. I knew it would come back! It’s a subtle yet dramatic color, but also very calming and welcoming. And it’s easy to pair with other colors.

    Carrie Wilson
  19. I’ve painted my walls in the kitchen, dining room & living room Kilim beige. I’m thinking I’d like to paint my kitchen cabinets a some type medium blue. I’ve tried Navel blue but it’s too dark for the room. I have stainless steel appliances. I’ll be getting a new floor, countertop & back splash. Any suggestions on what blues to consider?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Tracey! We love Naval, but it may be too dark for uppers and lowers. Would you consider doing just Naval on the lower cabinets and then Extra White SW 7006 on the upper cabinets? If Naval is still too dark, take a look at:
      Bracing Blue SW 6242
      Stardew SW 9138
      Aleutian SW 6241

  20. We moved to an apartment last fall due to health issues, we ar both retired. The walls are all a nice vanilla/beige color. We are allowed to paint however the color must be light enough to be covered with their vanilla color if/when we move in order to get our deposit which is hefty. I like citrine but don’t know if it would go with my furnishings. I have a mustard/cream teeny check couch, black and cream open wood chair, tan leather chair, and blue/cream rugs. The LR and Dining area are connected and open. What color wall paint would go with this combination? I am a frustrated designer and can’t just “go with it”. Thanks much. PS We have always used Sherwin Williams paint, it’s great, but more than that we luv, luv your commercials. They are so fun!!!

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Dusty! The Citrine may clash with the mustard in your couch upholstery. Consider a warm neutral that would complement all of the colors in your furniture. Take a look at:
      Natural Linen SW 9109
      Whole Wheat SW 6121
      Relaxed Khaki SW 6149

  21. Can you please tell me the undertones in Modern Gray, Accessible Beige, Worldly Gray and Realist Beige? Looking for a greige with an LRV between 55-62 for an open concept with northern exposure with beige countertops, carpet and warm/dark wood floors.

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Tess! Modern Gray & Worldly Gray are both greiges which means they are greys with a beige undertone. Modern Gray has an LRV of 62 and Worldly Gray has an LRV of 57, so both of these colors would work for you. The LRV is listed for every color on our website. Accessible & Realist Beige are beiges with a brown undertone and have no gray in them.

  22. I read in some blog that Accessible Beige is the most neutral of Greiges – no undertones – and so glad i found out about that wonderful color. Ready for a new house and no, not greyed out at all. We live in the area where colors are outside, so adding more to the house leads to some visual allergy :). Need to find out what color i was advised to paint the front porch of our house, a VERY helpful associate in the store picked it for the same reason – no or almost no undertones. Sth like ‘perfect grey’ or ‘ real grey’ ..

  23. The focus in our living room is a painting we have with vibrant colors. We currently have outdated furniture that goes with the painting but looking to recover or replace. I would like to have a virtual consultation to discuss options on wall colors. Please advise what is needed.

  24. Hi,
    Our trim and doors are Kilim Beige. We are looking for new color to pair with it. This color would be the primary color for the interior of our house. We currently have it paired with Dapper Tan but would like something lighter but still warm. Thanks!

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Mitch, some lighter versions that would work on your interior are:
      Malabar SW 9110
      Bittersweet Stem SW 7536
      Macadamia SW 6142

  25. Great post! I tried Accessible Beige in my home and it has a purple cast in the majority of the area. Do you think Shiitake would be better? What can I expect from Shiitake vs. Accessible Beige? I am having trouble distinguishing the two from just the small paint chip.

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Rachel! You may want to first try switching out your lightbulbs to a clear/led option. Your current bulbs may have some blue in them which is why this color looks purple. As far as Shitake vs Accessible Beige, Shitake is a little darker and has a subtle khaki undertone. Shitake will read as a neutral tan while Accessible Beige will read as a neutral greige in most lighting.

      • Thank you for the response! That’s really helpful. I see the purple tint more in natural light than I do when I turn our overhead lighting on. I am thinking Shiitake being more tan and less greige than Accessible Beige may be just what I need in order to eliminate the slightly taupe look I am wanting to avoid.

  26. We are doing a whole house remodel. Open floor plan with very high ceilings. Going with Pure white trim. Lots of sunlight as the great room is east facing. Thinking of Agreeable Gray for whole house but having a problem with color for walls in kitchen and bath as cabinets have been painted Acier which I love. Kitchen has granite countertop (white, gray, black, taupe) with white subway tile backsplash. All appliances are black. Baths have very little light and have white/ gray blue cultured marble countertops and showers . Was thinking Sea Salt for baths but I see an undertone of green.

    Virginia Burchfield
  27. I used Alabaster for on of my bedrooms but was thinking it would be more of an off white. It doesn’t look much different than your trim white paint that I purchased for my trim in that room. Is Alabaster used alot when you have white trim? Should I not have purchased SW trim paint and actually went with a specific color for the trim?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Gayle! Extra White SW 7006 is our cleanest, crispest white. Alabaster SW 7008 has a subtle grey undertone which should differentiate it from Extra White. You have two options, the first and easiest option is to switch your light bulbs out for Clear and/or LED bulbs. There may be some blue in your bulbs which will alter how the color looks. The second option would be for you to darken your Alabaster. The store can make that shade darker for you; however, at that point you will be making a custom color so there is no prediction as to how the final color will look. A darker version of Alabaster would make your trim “pop”.

  28. Last year I wanted to paint the exterior of my home, but felt very limited by the roof shingle color, which has a slightly reddish undertone. I went with Perfect Greige, and made the bold choice of Loyal Blue for the shutters and front door, with a little Bright White Trim. I’m delighted with how it all came together. I’ll always be a fan of Sherwin-Williams for every paint project!

  29. Saved as a favorite, I like your site!

  30. Hello,

    We are currently building a house right on the river. The house is open concept( kitchen, dining room and living room). We are thinking about painting that huge room Passive Gray and the hallway downstairs and upstairs, Alabaster. We are choosing passive gray, because it connects with the river, and alabaster to give it that contrast. The trim will be white…. I would love to learn your thoughts…our contractor is using Sherwin Williams paint. thank you in advance

    Rose Cardona
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Rose! It sounds like you will have a beautiful place when you are done. Alabaster SW 7008 may be too light and will get lost against the white trim. Consider using a color in the same family, but just a little darker – not dark mind you, but darker than Alabaster. Look at:

      Windfresh White SW 7628
      White Heron SW 7627
      Aesthetic White SW 7035

  31. Hi, I’m having a difficult time choosing the right color for my kitchen, great room & sunroom which I intend to paint all the same color. I face the west & get a lot of sunlight. I have oak cabinets & woodwork. Great room & sunroom are very open. Kitchen is separated by a wall but have a large opening. Undecided about accessible beige, shiitake, loggia. Don’t want something too beige or something too dark. Also I read I should’ve chose something with green undertones. What LVR ? Should I go with a warm color or cool color? Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks so much!

    Joyce Stockman
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Joyce! We’d like to get a better sense of your space before making a recommendation. Sign up for a free Virtual Color Consultation here.

  32. We just moved into a new home and painted the entire downstairs and upstairs hallway in Agreeable Gray. It is an open floor plan with a two story foyer/upstairs hallway… so I like my paint to be one color. We have a northern facing house and it’s reading too cool, sometimes purple in our southern facing family room. We used accessible beige in our last house and I loved it, but I wanted something with a tad more greige in it. Any suggestions?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Mer! Agreeable Gray SW 7029 is a greige, it is a very light greige. You may want to try one shade darker which is Anew Gray SW 7030. If that looks too dark for you, look at Worldly Gray SW 7043. Before you repaint though, you may want to switch out your lightbulbs. In the room where the color looks too cool, put in a clear LED bulb, the clear light will remove any undertones and give a crisp reading of the color.

  33. Hello,

    Our entire house is painted in flat Loggia. I’m looking for a good color for my kitchen. We have hickory cabinets that lean toward yellow, dark gray slate floors and black slate countertops with swirls of silver green and light tan in them. It’s the classic country kitchen from the early 2000’s. I thought about just going lighter with Shitake, but I would love to have a little bit of color or contrast. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  34. Hello,

    I am going to repaint my condo in Pacer White.. Is this a good beige color without yellow undertones. Also what would be a good trim color?
    Thanks! Lisa

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Lisa, Yes to your first question. In fact, that is the perfect way to describe Pacer White – soft beige without yellow undertones. Since this is a soft color, we suggest you use a crisp, clean white on the trim. Either of the two whites below would complement Pacer and let the wall color “pop” at the same time. Take a look at:
      Extra White SW 7006
      Pure White SW 7005

  35. I am planning on having my cabinets painted Shiitake. I have American Cherry floors and all of my trim work is BM Alpine White. I really don’t want to repaint the trim so I am hoping this will be a good match. If not what what would you recommend?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Sharon, there is a subtle touch of yellow in your trim and Shitake may have too much brown to work well with it. We think the following neutrals, which have a subtle touch of green, would be a better complement to both your trim and cherry flooring. Look at:
      Naturel SW 7542
      Relaxed Khaki SW 6149
      Avenue Tan SW 7543

  36. I just painted our new kitchen/dining/family room area in China Doll. The kitchen cabinets are supposed to be painted in Crisp Linen. The knotty pine tongue & groove ceiling I whitewashed in White Flour. The problem is we just put in 3000k LED lighting & my beautiful tan walls look light green against that gorgeous wood ceiling. Please help. I just want a true light tan on the walls and a cream color for the cabinets. The ceiling is perfect the way it is. The wall color looks great in natural light & is exactly what I wanted but when it gets dark out & the lights are on, I have light green. The look is a warm, farmhouse kitchen. Could you tell me what color I should repaint the walls & what color the kitchen cabinets should be?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Cindy! We are sorry to hear about your color turning green. We have some options for you that will look tan but still give you the warm farmhouse vibe you want. We would like you to consider painting your cabinets the White Flour of your ceiling but at full strength. We have listed some creamy colors for you below, but fear that it may look like you tried to match your ceiling and failed. If you repeat White Flour, at full strength and opacity, you will be creating an intentional and cohesive palette.
      Take a look at:
      Cabinets Walls
      Creamy SW 7012 Sandbar SW 7547
      Roman Column SW 7562 Sand Beach SW 7529

  37. We are remodeling and have painted Alabaster on the cabinets and woodwork. We are painting Accessible Beige on the walls. The floors are a grey-brown wood laminate. What would be a good color to paint the doors going to the outside and garage. Other interior doors are Alabaster.

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Millie, Stick with Alabaster SW 7008 on your garage door. In order to create a cohesive palette, you want all your trim/door color to be the same. Alabaster is a great background color and will make any wall color “pop”. Keep the doors in the background and let your eye focus on other details in your space.

  38. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.Keep working ,great job!

    Yahoo Guide
  39. Kilim beige is on the ceiling from 15 years ago and I would like to not have to repaint. What would work best on walls now, Accessible beige or Agreeable Gray? Wanting a light color, as we put in dark floors (used to have light tile and darker walls). Our trim and doors are Alabster.

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Stacey, Agreeable Gray looks blah and Accessible Beige is too close to Kilim to work. It would look like you tried to match the ceiling and failed. Are you open to doing a color on your wall? Perhaps a light blue or green? Do you have any of those colors in your upholstery or accessories?

      • Yes, I am open to doing a little hint of color. It is just a lot of wall to cover, as it is an open floor plan-den, kitchen, dining, living, and halls. All furnishings are neutral (either leather or wood) so could pull in color with accessories.

  40. I’m trying to decide between Shiitake and Loggia for our great room. I bought samplize pieces, have them up and I swear they look the same! Does one have more grey in it? Our room is not small (21×17) and we have a big triple window. My furniture colors are indigo blue/grey. My kitchen is Stone Lion but I don’t need to have that in the great room. I also have Shiitake in my entry way. Thanks!

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hi Julie, you are correct! Shiitake and Loggie are very similar. Loggia is just a little darker – neither one will read as gray. If you want to make the kitchen part of your great room, consider using Stone Lion in your great room. If you want to keep the kitchen separate, consider painting your great room Shiitake and if you are open to it, paint your entry way Stone Lion. This way you will have the darker shade on either side of Shiitake – like a virtual hug.


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