Get a Little Edgy With Modern Style

Pair the latest trends with timeless details; then, add just a pop of color to show off cutting-edge angles and materials.

bookshelf, 2 armchairs, small coffee table

Go Sleek and Simple

Less is definitely more when it comes to modern design. With a focus on dynamic pieces like a statuesque bookcase, a neutral wall color lets the décor do the talking.

corner of living room with white round table and 2 chairs

Get a Little Deep

When every modern detail counts, add just the right amount of color as a backdrop. A deep navy on half a wall calls out contemporary white seating and whimsical displays.

modern dining room

Keep the Old, But Add the New

How to infuse modern décor in a space with traditional architecture? Paint moldings and trim the same color as the walls. Decorate minimally so the eye is drawn directly to the furnishings.

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