Connect to Your Space With Warm & Cool Neutrals

Just like a sunshine-filled day begs you to be out and about, or a rainy day calls you for curling up, the colors that fill our home have the same effect on our emotions. If you’re looking to get more intentional with how you connect to a room, channel the energy you’re envisioning by using the right tone – will it be warm, cool, or a balance of both?

open floor plan featuring a living room and dining room decorated with neutral colors and natural materials
Featured Colors: Shiitake SW 9173 (Walls & Trim), Stone Lion SW 7507 (Staircase Wall)

Looking to Neutrals

Neutrals are having a moment that isn’t exclusive to a gray-and-white spectrum. We’ve watched them take on tinges of color, both subtle and bold, to create a collection of new neutrals that can lean warm or cool. These no-fuss hues can easily be played up or fade into the background, which brings a liberating look of versatility to your layout.

While the difference between warm neutrals and cool neutrals can often be subtle, it’s the little effects they carry that can make or break the way you’re connecting in a space.

Warming Up

Some places in the home are suitable for rest and relaxation, but warm colors are ready to be the life of the party. Whether it’s a golden brown like Shiitake or Stone Lion, these casual tones are stimulating, which makes them the perfect choice for social spaces. Painting areas like dining and family rooms in a warm hue can encourage your space to wake up and get the conversation flowing as you connect with the people.

Featured Colors: Snowfall SW 6000 (Left Wall) Proper Gray SW 6003 (Wall with Windows)

Cooling Down

Looking for time to unwind is an ideal way to end a busy day. When you’re creating that restorative place, cool colors are the perfect way to find refuge. Because cool hues like Proper Gray are best suited for personal areas, you can explore using them in quieter spaces like bedrooms and reading rooms. The ultimate goal is to create a sanctuary where your troubles and worries can fade away.

a traditional living room with lofted ceilings and a stone fireplace
Featured Colors: Silverpointe SW 7653 (Walls), Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (Fireplace Wall)

Balancing Between the Two

How can you tie a warm and cool look together? While these two tones each have benefits of their own, they can also pair up to create a space that feels fresh and relaxing all in the same breath. Keep the 80/20 rule in mind by using one color as your dominant tone and reserving the other as more of an accent color to your room.



  1. The rooms above give the feeling of elegance and richness. At the same time they are calming and relaxing.

    Joann Bichler
  2. Is the fireplace wall painted with the Proper Gray?

    Betty L Ostrom
  3. The walls in my home are all Linen White, the woodwork and trim are a walnut color. Do you have any suggestions for color for the woodwork and trim to make it blend better.

    Barbara Boling
    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Barbara, are you looking to paint your woodwork and trim? Are you looking to paint just the woodwork and trim or are you interested in painting the walls too? Let us know when you get a minute. Thank you.

  4. What color is the ceiling in the room with the urbane bronze fireplace?

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