Best Bedroom Blues

Our bedrooms should be a space for sanctuary. Neutral and versatile, blue paint can act as a bold accent, or provide the perfect backdrop to give you a sleepy, sweet sanctuary. We’re highlighting three blue bedrooms from you that give us all the inspiration.

Blue bedroom wall with person in bed holding up peace sign.
Photo Courtesy of @littlebitofswagger. Featured Color: Mountain Air SW 6244

The Bold & Beautiful

Naval may be a dark paint color, but pair it with bright decor and accents to create a balancing contrast. Create a focal point for your bed by using Naval on a geometric accent wall. The dimensional lines will naturally draw the eye toward the center of your bed.  

Blue geometric paneled bedroom wall.
Photo Courtesy of @thisissimplicite

Boring Bedroom No More

Say goodbye to boring bedroom walls with a splash of bold color. Try combining bright hues like Lagoon with natural textures and white accent colors to give your space an uplifting look that feels carefree and coastal.

Photo Courtesy of @alexandriaroseq

Sail Away to Sleep

Try a nautical-inspired hue to bring the calming vibes of the beach to your space. Deep Sea Dive is a jewel tone that can be balanced with warm-colored accents. A backdrop this bold is the perfect way to highlight your most beloved belongings.

Blue bedroom bookcase with gold bed.
Photo Courtesy of @m.crisler.designs

Ready to dive into a blue bedroom refresh? Order up to ten color chips online for free to see how these blues would look in your space.



  1. Please mail me a sample of Mountain Air
    Where do I send my address to?

    Mary Smith
  2. Beautiful color.

    Rudy Soto
  3. Would love to see Searching Blue as one of the bedroom colors. I painted my bedroom that and it’s so relaxing when I enter the room.

    Lynn Hopewell
  4. There are so many blues to choose from at Sherwin Williams. I recently looked at over 30 chips, and selected the perfect one for our bedroom: Lullaby. It’s neutral but not cold, and just blue enough for my taste!

  5. We have Naval in our kitchen/dining room as a feature wall and our lower cabinets. It’s beautiful.

    • So that Naval is just an awesome color. Im planning on using it on my accent wall in my master bedroom. What white did you use?

      • Sheena I was planning on doing the same on my lower cabinets using the navel. What did you use on your upper cabinets? I was thinking of a gold-toned white, what did you use?

    • Hi, we painted our master bedroom and office room with SW sea salt . We are thinking to do wooden accent wall in both rooms what colors would look nicer ?

    • Sheena, the navel is what I want to use for my lower cabinets as well. What color did you use for your upper cabinets? I can’t find the perfect color!

  6. I received a coupon for $3.00 off the new spring colors. The picture in the coupon said color was ( Blue Tile). I have gone to 2 Shermin Williams stores, both said never heard of it. How do you advertise a color & not be able to order it.

    Lorraine M Wolfe
  7. Mountain Air is a great color that I have used in a 106 year old farmhouse in the mountains., accessorized with white furniture and navy/linen bed ticking stripes. It is a beautifully calming color. Transitioned into the new bathroom using Sea Salt. Another great color for that spa feeling.

    • I used Mountain Air in my grandkids’ room. It depends on lighting so be aware that it may look WAY lighter-almost white-on their walls. You really need to try a sample. While it was pretty, I would have had to have the color darkened to look like the picture on this screen.

      Kathleen Stiever
  8. Please mail me paint sample of Mountain Air

    Thank you

  9. Naval is amazing, and all my first floor doors are painted in this color. I get nothing bu compliments.

    Mickey Shuman
  10. Our entire house is painted Aleutian (love it!) except our bedroom and bath are Naval. At first my husband was distraught – “She’s painted our room black!” With white curtains and blue toile comforter, it’s very pretty and calming. 5 years later I asked if he wanted to paint it to match the rest of the house, and he said no – he really likes it! BTW, our kitchen cabinets are Commodore – with white countertops – so pretty!

  11. Any suggestions on how Urbane Bronze would look on a garage door and shutters? House is pale red and dark brick with Caen Stone on Trim. Does trim color need to match the garage door?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Sabrina, if you want the doors and shutters to stand out, paint them a different color than the trim; if you want them to blend in or “disappear”, paint them the same color as the trim. We think painting your doors and shutters Urbane Bronze SW 7048 would make for a beautiful palette.

  12. Hello! Need advice! We picked Cyberspace for the master bathroom vanity, so what color would be good for the bathroom walls? Also, what color would be good for the master bedroom accent wall? The entire downstairs will be Dorian Gray. We are also thinking Cyberspace for our island and Extra White for kitchen cabinets?

    Lisa Nicole Hjelm
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Lisa! Consider repeating some colors but with a twist in order to create an intentional, cohesive palette. For instance, in the bathroom, use Repose Gray SW 7015 on the walls – it is in the Dorian Gray family but several shades lighter; in the bedroom, use your Cyberspace SW 7076 as the accent wall. Repetition of color will pull all the rooms together. Finally, Cyberspace and Extra White SW 7006 would look great in your kitchen – a classic look that will never go out of style.

  13. Need advice. With cyberspace as the master bathroom vanity, what colour can I use for the master bedroom? Should I use a shade of greys like Rock Candy or I would like
    colour with a blue undertone

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Alison! For your bedroom, here are some colors that pair well with Cyberspace to take a look at for the space.
      Blustery Sky #SW9140
      Online #SW7072
      Evening Shadow #SW7662
      Rock Candy #SW6231


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