Best Bedroom Blues

Our bedrooms should be a space for sanctuary. Neutral and versatile, blue paint can act as a bold accent, or provide the perfect backdrop to give you a sleepy, sweet sanctuary. We’re highlighting three blue bedrooms from you that give us all the inspiration.

Blue bedroom wall with person in bed holding up peace sign.
Photo Courtesy of @littlebitofswagger. Featured Color: Mountain Air SW 6244

The Bold & Beautiful

Naval may be a dark paint color, but pair it with bright decor and accents to create a balancing contrast. Create a focal point for your bed by using Naval on a geometric accent wall. The dimensional lines will naturally draw the eye toward the center of your bed.  

Blue geometric paneled bedroom wall.
Photo Courtesy of @thisissimplicite

Setting the Mood

Want to give your space eclectic, vintage vibes? Moody Blue lives up to its name with its rich, yet gentle, tone. The color is soft enough to use in a monochromatic space where the walls and ceiling are painted in the same color. This tone-on-tone look lets the delicate details and gold accents shine.

Blue monochromatic bedroom with gold accents.
Photo Courtesy of @southernrhoda

Sail Away to Sleep

Try a nautical-inspired hue to bring the calming vibes of the beach to your space. Deep Sea Dive is a jewel tone that can be balanced with warm-colored accents. A backdrop this bold is the perfect way to highlight your most beloved belongings.

Blue bedroom bookcase with gold bed.
Photo Courtesy of @m.crisler.designs

Ready to dive into a blue bedroom refresh? Order up to ten color chips online for free to see how these blues would look in your space.


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