3 Ways to Use White Paint Colors

Want a fresh look in your home? Painting it white can do that! Below are three easy ways you can use white paint colors to maximize the style in your space.

3 Ways to Use White Paint Colors White - loving room - Tinted to Perfection

Tinted Paint Colors

Tinted whites are great for highlighting design elements and textures. Use a white paint with a grayish tint like Silverpointe for subtle backdrop color on walls, then, contrast with a brighter white like Extra White on the ceiling and trim. Notice how that same bright white accentuates features like a textured ceiling

Enduring Allure of White - dining room - A Timeless Look

Timeless Hues

Timeless whites like Alabaster maintain their appeal even as design trends evolve. The simple, pure personality of these ivory-whites complement traditional, transitional and contemporary decor. Paint walls, ceiling and trim in the same color so furniture and accessories hold center stage.

3 Ways to Use White Paint Colors - Bedroom painted in a warm shade of white.

Warm in White

Welcoming and balanced, warm whites suit any space made for relaxation. Cover walls, ceiling and trim in a creamy beige like Neutral Ground so that the eye is drawn toward the room as a whole. Warm whites pair well with natural woods, wrought iron, and cozy throws and pillows.

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