Color of the Month October 2019: Dard Hunter Green

Taking color cues from nature, this botanical shade of green invites the richness of the outdoors in.

kitchen, olive green cabinets, stairs on the side

Get back in touch with the things that ground you. From the colors we pick to the materials we use, our desire to connect with nature is spilling into the space we cultivate the most – our home. Botanical hues like Dard Hunter Green pull their inspiration from conservatories and greenhouses, making them a fresh color for cabinets and walls.

kitchen, vinaigrette cabinets, white counters, small window

Dark greens can create a moodier vibe when used alone, so it’s important to strike the perfect balance between color and décor so your space feels more sustainable. Introduce natural elements, like wood tones and marble accents, to bring out the richness of green in a way that feels like you’ve invited the outdoors in.

living room, white furniture, wooden ceiling and columns, dard hunter green walls, wall size window
Dard hunter green color swatch

Style Cues:

  • Biophilia
  • Natural Materials
  • Conservatories

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