Color of the Month May 2019: Delightful

Add a pop of pastel color to a room full of neutrals with Delightful’s rosy hue.

living room, pink wall behind and white with window on the left, white couch

Set an understated tone that’s airy and stylish. Accenting your room with clean lines and live greenery allows you to create sophisticated style that never feels stuffy – it’s lived-in and well-loved.

corner of the kitchen, pink wall, old country style

A color palette of muted pastels is the key to anchoring your space. Soothing and dusty colors, like Delightful, create the perfect backdrop for light-gray furniture and subtle accent pieces like cozy knit throws. Use this youthful shade of pink to put a bounce in your step and more joy in your home.

bedroom, half of the bed, pink wall behind, glass jar on small table next to the bed
pink color swatch

Style Cues:

  • Plants and Greenery
  • Airy and Youthful Design
  • Balanced Furniture

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