Invite Nature Inside With Urbane Bronze

Our homes have become the ultimate retreat. We’re turning to nature for the calming reminder that the things worth cherishing have always been right in front of us. All we have to do is invite them in with an earthy hue like Urbane Bronze.

Nesting & Reconnecting

The stay at home mantra has given us the time we need to reconnect and make room for the essentials in our lives. We’re simplifying choices, decluttering spaces, and nesting our way to a home where everything has a place and a purpose, and nature is never far away.

Color chip art of the 2020 Color of the Year coordinating colors Modern Gray and Messenger Bag

A Color Rooted in Nature

Keeping nature close starts with a color whose warmth and comfort breathe down-to-earth tranquility. Our 2021 Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze, is a sophisticated neutral that can be used wherever and however. “Color is an easy and effective way to create a personal haven,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing. “Urbane Bronze encourages you to create a sanctuary space for mindful reflection and renewal.” 

Whether you cover every wall or use it to accentuate trim and accents, Urbane Bronze grounds your space with earthy appeal. If you want to introduce more organic and nature-inspired hues, pair it with Modern Gray and Messenger Bag to create a palette of warm neutrals.  

living room vignette with leather arm chair and natural materials

Creating Sanctuary

The beauty of nature lies within the little details. When you’re creating a sanctuary at home, try to include a mix of natural materials that bring the outdoors inside. “Complement the simplicity of Urbane Bronze with natural materials like wood finishes, organic stone accents, and woven textiles. You can also add a variety of mixed metals to create a serene space grounded in nature,” recommends Wadden.

Want to learn more about our Color of the Year? Tap into nature to explore everything this comforting neutral has to offer. You can also find inspiration for DIY projects that help you create your own sanctuary with Urbane Bronze.



  1. What hints of color are in Urbane Bronze? In some pictures it looks brownish. In other pictures it looks gray. I love that.

    But I’m trying to stay away from green. Are there greenish hues to Urbane Bronze?

    • Sherwin-Williams

      Hello Sheila, Urbane Bronze SW 7048 is a saturated Greige (grey+beige) so you are right, it can look brown or gray depending on the light.

  2. Love the color. I plan on painting Urbane in a front room with a lot of natural light. Looking forward to final results.

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