Color of the Month December 2019: Black Bean

This inviting shade of blackish-brown creates the perfect backdrop for a space that feels like a rustic getaway.

Get lost in the never-ending depth of Naval. This versatile neutral mirrors the night sky with deep color that speaks to any design style – because, in the new decade, it’s not about what your space looks like, but how it makes you feel. Explore turning your home into a personal oasis where Naval’s flexibility can fade into the background or become the main attraction.

part of living room, recess with cabinet, black bean walls

While this sapphire-like shade is a natural fit for luxe finishes like gleaming metallics and polished marble, it also pairs well with traditional materials like warm leather tones and vibrant greenery to create a look that’s grounded and down-to-earth. Whether you lean toward extravagance, simplicity, or a harmonious blend of both, Naval’s color can do it all. Take our quiz to find out how Naval speaks to you.

kitchen with dining table, white cabinets, dark brown wooden walls
black bean color swatch

Style Cues:

  • Wellness
  • Biophilia
  • Art Deco

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