5 Colors That Highlight Your Houseplants

Adding houseplants to your home is an easy way to breathe life, style and texture into your space. Grow the extra mile by pairing them up with the perfect coordinating colors that help your green goddesses stand out. Use our plant and color formulas to find plant design combinations that will have your houseguests green with envy. Plus, finesse your flora with our style tips to keep your plant babies looking super fresh. 

Monstera + Jovial = Bohemian Beauty

The ever-popular monstera is an absolute staple in many houseplant collections. With their vibrant green color and huge leaves that have swiss-cheese like holes, monsteras add funky flair to just about any room. Try a smaller plant on a bright kitchen table or go big with a statement-making floor plant. Complement your monstera’s carefree vibrancy with an equally bright pink hue such as Jovial for an all-eyes-on-me moment. 

Style Tip: Go Boho. Complete your ode to an oasis by potting your monstera in a woven straw or wicker planter for adorable bohemian style.  

Monstera plant on a pink background
Featured Color: Jovial SW 6611

Pothos + Chartreuse = Playful Paradise 

Your creativity knows no bounds, so match your imaginative spirit to your space with a bright punch of yellow-green Chartreuse. Reinforce the playfulness with a double hit of green found in the whimsical vining pothos. This hearty plant has mid-green heart-shaped leaves that come in dozens of variegated varieties that display striations of white, cream, yellow or pale green. Pothos look just as good cascading down a tall shelf as they do dangling freely from a hand-made macramé hanger. 

Style Tip: Climb away! While pothos can’t naturally climb like ivy, you can train your plant to trail in any direction by carefully securing the vines to surfaces such as windowsills or walls with inexpensive adhesive clips.  

Pothos plant on a green background.
Featured Color: Chartreuse SW 0073

Air Plant + Shoji White = Minimalist Mindset 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Take a cue or two from the effortlessness exuded by the air plant. These peaceful plants are known as epiphytes, which means they obtain nutrients from their surroundings such as (you guessed it) air and rain. Air plants come in a wide range of greens, with many of them falling into a tranquil eucalyptus shade. Contrast their cool green with a timeless warm neutral such as Shoji White and get in touch with your inner cozy calm. 

Style Tip: Keep it natural. Mimic the air plant’s in-the-wild environment by styling them on a found wooden platter or small artisan bowl.  

Air plant on a neutral background
Featured Color: Shoji White SW 7042

Fiddle Leaf Fig + Naval = Ultimate Opulence 

The deep, sophisticated blue found in Naval deserves only the most sumptuous of accompaniments. That’s why the shiny, deep green violin-shaped leaves of the fiddle leaf fig make the perfect pairing.  These houseplants have been wildly popular for the last several years, and for good reason. Fiddle leaf figs add a flourish of luxury as the focal point of your living room or bedroom by grounding the space and connecting it back to nature.  

Style Tip: Go retro. A gold metallic planter screams sophistication and offers contrast against the deep blue and glossy greens that would make even Gatsby jealous. 

Fiddle-Leaf Fig on a blue background
Featured Color: Naval SW 6244

Snake Plant + Blackberry = Moody Masterpiece 

Do you suffer from a black thumb? Luckily, the snake plant’s easy-to-care-for vibe makes it a great choice for even the most novice of plant parents. The forest green, sword-like leaves of smaller varieties make a sharp statement sitting on your study desk, while a larger plant can add dramatic height to an otherwise empty corner. Pair your snake plant’s deep green color with an equally rich purple such as Blackberry for an enigmatic, scholarly aesthetic. 

Style Tip: Dare to be dark. A moody aesthetic such as dark academia borrows materials from gothic architecture. Try potting your snake plant in textured, unglazed stoneware.  

Snake plant on a purple background
Featured Color: Blackberry SW 7577

You’ll find your admiration growing right alongside your new houseplants when you find the right coordinating color for their backdrop. Love the colors we’ve paired? Try them at home with free color chips delivered right to your door, and share your plant designs with us by tagging your photos with #SWColorLove on social media or uploading them to our photo gallery. 

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  1. The color “Jovial” seems to let the plants stand out, seems almost like a desert backdrop!

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