5 Timeless Paint Colors We Love

Freshness has an expiration date. It’s as true for trends as it is for dairy. To keep your space in style for years to come, we’ve rounded up some of our most trusted colors that continue to stand the test of time. These ageless hues are just a few of our favorites, so be sure to check out our larger collection of timeless colors. 

View from a kitchen of a bright sitting area with an interior door painted in Silvermist SW 7621.
Featured Color: Silvermist SW 7621 
Photo Courtesy of @handcraftedmovement 

Always Cool

As classic as denim, this bright and breezy blue has an appeal that never fades. With its airy blend of soft green and slate gray undertones, Silvermist’s chameleon qualities easily blend with a variety of styles and color combinations. Whether it’s used as a neutral backdrop or an accent, this understated, cool hue always fits just right. 

Bedroom scene with cozy bed and layered linens. Walls painted in Cavern Clay SW 7701.
Featured Color: Cavern Clay SW 7701 
Photo Courtesy of @shawnaheil 

Trusty Terracotta

Earthy and cozy. What else could you want in a bedroom color? Cavern Clay delivers just enough saturation to bring a slight brilliance to your backdrop while remaining muted enough to still feel neutral. This rare blend of reserved assertiveness creates a warm and inviting sanctuary space you’ll never grow tired of. 

Bathroom sink with dark floral wallpaper coordinated with wainscoting painted in Messenger Bag SW 7740.
Featured Color: Messenger Bag SW 7740 
Photo courtesy of @ourgreencroft 

Relaxed Classic

Messenger Bag has an easy appeal that’s built for the long haul. Once this hue finds its way into your space, it’s likely to stay put. With a comforting feel that can be both modern and classic, this dark neutral brings timeless and traditional appeal to any space. 

Bathroom with two separate black vanities and sliding barn door painted in Palm Leaf SW 7735.
Featured Color: Palm Leaf SW 7735 
Photo Courtesy of @haneens_haven 

Lasting Lush

Some colors feel fresh and familiar no matter the surroundings or style. The deep botanical green of Palm Leaf evokes nature’s serenity through its bold, down-to-earth vibe. Grounding and nourishing with an ageless charm, a unique shade like this is welcome anywhere. 

Sitting area with two leather, high-back chairs, a green velvet sofa. lush greenery and backdrop painted in Gale Force SW 7605.
Featured Color: Gale Force SW 7605 
Photo Courtesy of @alchemist.salon 

Elevated and Enduring

Jewel tones are more than just stunning. They’re also eternally relevant with a sophisticated feel that’s welcome in almost any style or space. The dark, captivating tone of Gale Force envelops with a dramatic and moody vibe that’s as comforting and cozy as it is elevated and refined. It’s an enduring look that won’t wear out its welcome. 

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  1. I like your paint ideas and colours 😊

    Gail fairweather
  2. Love Silvermist! Gailforce is a maybe. The others do not appeal. I am a big fan of blues and teals, my whole house is painted in shades from turquoise to white with a teal tint.

    Diane Fanelli

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