Our Favorite Deeps and Darks of 2024

Dark paint colors are not only incredibly stylish, but also versatile, exuding a moody atmosphere that can instantly evoke a cozy and calming effect. We’re highlighting five of our favorite hues from A Gathering of Deeps & Darks palette in our 2024 Colormix® Forecast that will undoubtedly boost your confidence in exploring the darker side of the color wheel. 

Featured Colors: Roycroft Bronze Green SW 2846, Carnelian SW 7580, Tricorn Black SW 6258, Raisin SW 7630, Sealskin SW 7675

Roycroft Bronze Green SW 2846: This historic, deep forest green hue brings a vintage feel to spaces and is stunning either as an accent or drenching an entire space. Roycroft Bronze Green’s grounded, earthy tone instills a sense of tranquility, effortlessly creating harmonious, nature-inspired spaces. 

Carnelian SW 7580: Carnelian’s deeply saturated burgundy hue inspires an intriguing aura of mystery. It’s the perfect shade for going dark without diving all the way into the depths of an inky black. 

Raisin SW 7630: Looking for a little drama? Raisin’s rich, dark brown hue adds a captivating allure to any space. This chameleon shade’s purple undertone lends it an easy versatility that can lean either warm or cool depending on surrounding tones and lighting. 

Sealskin SW 7675: Sealskin has a refined, deep tone that creates a contented, cocoon-like atmosphere. This bold shade easily wraps spaces in luxurious, inviting warmth and adds nuanced sophistication. Moody enough to inspire quiet reflection yet classic enough to feel elegant. 

Tricorn Black SW 6258: A long-standing fan favorite, Tricorn Black is one of our deepest, truest blacks. With virtually no undertones, this timeless neutral shade is supremely versatile, effortlessly pairing with any material, tone or texture. 

 Explore the full collection of shades in the A Gathering of Deeps & Darks palette in Anthology: Volume One, our Colormix ® Forecast for 2024. Want to see these hues in your space? Get FREE color chips for the whole palette, and if you need help choosing, book a FREE Virtual Color Consultation for personalized, one-on-one guidance with one of our experts. 

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  1. Good explanations on how to make best the use of these colors.

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