Maximizing Color in Maximalist Spaces

Maximalism is many things all at once, but at the heart of this eclectic style, you’ll find a bold yet fun approach to color. More than anything else, color is the element that ties this more is more style together and makes it pop. We’re looking at three spaces where vibrant color brings this look to life. 

Featured Color: Kale Green SW 6460

Build Mood with Bold Color 

Some styles are more about mood than others, and when it comes to maximalism, what better way to bring out the personality in a space than bold color? Go all in on the enveloping feel of a lush, saturated shade like Kale Green to set the tone for a room that communicates through color. Layered accents and details add interest and variety, but their real impact comes from the color they bring to the mix. From the bright coral sofa to the contrasting shades in the pillows and artwork, it’s the play between hues that creates unique character in addition to the space’s stunning and effortless appeal. 

Featured Colors: Moscow Midnight SW 9142 (Wall) & Extra White SW 7006 (Doors & Trim)  
Photo Courtesy of @ourmodernvictorianitalianate 

Energize with a Dose of Color 

Inspiration for your maxed out color story can come from every element in your space. Sometimes the biggest impact can come from the smallest accessories. Set against the striking Moscow Midnight backdrop, the bright, mood-boosting accent tone from jade green candle votives creates an unexpectedly uplifting impression. It’s a tiny but vibrant dose of color that punctuates the space with playful energy that pulls the look together. 

Featured Color: Dishy Coral SW 6598 (Walls) & Bella Pink SW 6596 (Ceiling) 
Photo Courtesy of @whilefloriansleeps 

Make it Personal 

Feeling extra exuberant about a color? Take it to the max and celebrate the ceiling with a hue you love. Opt for a lighter shade like Bella Pink overhead to balance the brighter, more saturated tone of Dishy Coral on the walls. It’s a little showy, and maybe a little flamboyant, but it’s also perfectly appropriate for a style that’s all about you.  

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