5 Candy-Inspired Paint Colors We Love

Looking to sweeten your space? These bright and bubbly hues bring the candy store to you. Whether it’s a pack of bubblegum or a piece of saltwater taffy, use these candy-inspired paint colors to give your space a vibrant look.

Candy-inspired paint colors: A dresser painted in Cheery.


Nothing says candy like a classic shade of bubblegum-inspired color. A pop of pink can bring a maximalist touch to your space, thanks to its bubbly nature that’s all about being bold. Pair Cheery with gold accents and color-coordinating art to create a playful look layered with personality.

Candy-inspired paint colors: A color blocking dresser painted with Lemon Twist.

Lemon Twist

Lemon drops are full of flavor and vibrant in color – capture their playful punch with Lemon Twist. A smaller dose of bright yellow can add the right amount of energy to your space. Use this hue as an accent color for furniture to create an unexpected look that’s fun and fresh.

An open kitchen with lower cabinets painted in Retro Mint.

Retro Mint

Looking for a color combination that’s mint to be? Green and white are a refreshing duo that looks good in any room – play up the contrast between them with color blocking. Retro Mint adds a splash of pastel color that’s perfect for grounding a space, while white helps draw the eye up.

A hallway vignette with walls painted in Rock Candy.

Rock Candy

Like the sugary crystals on a nostalgic treat, Rock Candy brings a soft and inviting look to walls with barely-there color. If you want to play up a bolder look, explore using a monochromatic palette to paint doors and trim a few shades darker than the wall color.

A bathroom vanity with cabinets painted in Splashy.


Whether it’s from the boardwalk or an amusement park candy shop, saltwater taffy is sticky sweet and always a treat. Use Splashy’s rich shade of blue to give furniture or accent walls a coat of statement-making color.

No matter which sweet catches your eye, these candy-inspired paint colors remind you to have fun with your space. Looking for additional inspiration? Upload a picture of your favorite treat to our ColorSnap® Visualizer to get even more color suggestions.


  1. Lorenzo, salesman at Sherwin Willians located in Calallen , Sore #8584, sure made a wonderful experience went I walked in not knowing what I needed for what I was going to do , when I decided I wanted to paint my kitchen cabinet. He was patient , caring, helpful and indeed very knowledgeable! I walked out of their with all my supplies, knowledge, and confidence. With in the next two days my kitchen cabinets were sanded down, primed and painted. My first time in painting kitchen cabinets was a success❤️

    Carmen Rodriguez
  2. What finish would I use to paint a side table please ?

    Donna Evans
  3. I would like to know the name of the colour on the door and trim in the Rock Candy picture.

  4. Looking for lighter pastel colors in teal/turquoise shades and lavender/ orchid/ purpley ish. Also sea mist/ sage ish greens. Would appreciate suggestions. Thanks in advance.

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Sal! Check out these options:
      Green Purple Teal
      SW 6427 Sprout SW 6281 Wallflower SW 6749 Embellished Blue
      SW 6175 Sagey SW 6288 Rosebud SW 6798 Iceberg

  5. Thank you for sending this site to me regularly.. I appreciate this so much! Thinking about making some changes on interior surfaces and seeing your colors is a good thing! Thank you!

    Charles C Wilson Jr
  6. Love these new colors! Retro mint is my favorite.

  7. Wow.. now these are some beautiful colors!

    Cheryl L Hargett
  8. I need to redo bedroom and bathroom. Bathroom I need a gray color. Bedroom a bright and sunny like color

  9. I LOVE the Rock Candy,and want to paint my upstairs this color, but I ALSO want to accent with the Dark Color it is paired with, and you DID NOT say what That color is.

    Sandy McReynolds
  10. Just had my guest bathroom painted in a color almost identical to Splashy! I LOVE THE POP OF FUN!

    Kathy Wilson
  11. Excellent color combinations

  12. Choosing interior home colors for the walls, woodwork and doors is no easy task. I want great colors I won’t tire of , look classy and classic, make a statement and that will not look dated shortly. HELP!

    Hedy Durante
  13. I love these colors I will try to remember when I design with my home design app.

    Darryl Fassett
  14. Hello. Could you tell me what color the door is in the picture of the paint color rock candy? I love them both and looking to paint my doors love how it looks with the rock candy wall.
    Thank you

    Carol Rebottaro
  15. Love the colors & ideas! Have always loved SW quality!!

  16. Love Sherwin Williams paint and colors; have now used Dorian Grey, Respose Grey, Rain, love all of them. However I will tell you the best is not always the best. The super paint( Velvet) you can not touch up, looks spotty.Plan on paint entire wall with this product; but gives a awesome finish to yours walls.

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Karen! You have used some beautiful colors in your home! Touch ups can be difficult to achieve. Having the same product, sheen and applicator is key.

  17. These are spectacular!

    Rosemarie Fox
  18. I love this new colour Splashy may do my bathroom in it….

    Wendy Fitzgerald
  19. What is the wall color in the splashy bathroom photo?

    Paul Peluchette
  20. I have painted the interior of my entire home using sw. It has been at least a decade since I have tried any other brand of paint. I love the coverage of the paint and I have amazing assistance every time I go to my local store. SW is the best.

    Susan Schlupp
  21. The wall color above the trim in the picture where you feature splashy is a color I want to use in exterior paint for shutters. Do you know the name of that color that looks Navy?

  22. Any advice on what color to paint a small bathroom?

    Judy Bridgewater
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Judy, We’d like to get a better sense of your space before making a recommendation. Sign up for a free Virtual Color Consultation here.

  23. My metal roof is burgandy/maroon. The exterior siding is Fisherman’s Net…a light yellow/tan. What color do you suggest for the aluminum shutters and front door? Shirley England

    Shirley M England
  24. what is the navy colour in the splashy picture

  25. What is the color of the wall area featured in Cherry?

    Brigette Nicholson
  26. I love the color Splashy. I wonder if it can be toned down so it is softer. Is it possible to tint using one halve the formula..

    Janice Boettcher
  27. What is the color with the cherry on the top picture?

    Kerri VanCleave
  28. I would like to paint kitchen cabinets with one of these. What would the best and most durable finish/paint to use. Do you have a recommendation?


    James Kennamer
  29. The door / trim color Network gray what finish do u recommend?

    Nadine Mercy
  30. Hello,
    I’ve recently painted my kitchen cabinets SW Extra White they came out gorgeous. My counter tops are White Calcutta Marble (White white with some light grey) I plan to add Aqua accents (toaster, coffee pot etc..) going for a coastal theme as this home is located at the beach. I like the all white look kitchen but I would like a slight contrast to the cabinets on the walls and don’t want it to look too sterile. What white can you recommend that doesn’t have any cream to it? Or would a white that has the slightest hint of aqua work? I’m not sure what is usually suggested for walls of a white white kitchen. Also what can you recommend for a light seaglass color for a bedroom. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Colleen! Your kitchen sounds really pretty. We would not put a light aqua on the wall as it may make your cabinets look blue in some lighting. Consider using any of these soft whites with subtle gray undertones. Any of these whites would complement both your cabinetry and granite. Look at:
      Drift of Mist SW 9166
      Toque White SW 7003
      Egret White SW 7570

  31. Just finished our interior re-fresh with your beautiful indigo blue on the lower cabinets and loved it so much I went back for more and did the wainscoting in a guest bath and have gotten some wonderful compliments. We’re heading outside and I would appreciate your recommendation for a medium warm grey(with a hint of rose or lavender)for the siding and a deep eggplant for the trim. Thank you so much!

    Patricia Salini
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Patricia, We love the palette you chose for your home! Look at using either Minute Mauve SW 7078 or Unique Gray SW 6260 with Patchwork Plum SW 0022 for your trim.


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