5 Candy-Inspired Paint Colors We Love

Looking to sweeten your space? These bright and bubbly hues bring the candy store to you. Whether it’s a pack of bubblegum or a piece of saltwater taffy, use these candy-inspired paint colors to give your space a vibrant look.

Candy-inspired paint colors: A dresser painted in Cheery.


Nothing says candy like a classic shade of bubblegum-inspired color. A pop of pink can bring a maximalist touch to your space, thanks to its bubbly nature that’s all about being bold. Pair Cheery with gold accents and color-coordinating art to create a playful look layered with personality.

Candy-inspired paint colors: A color blocking dresser painted with Lemon Twist.

Lemon Twist

Lemon drops are full of flavor and vibrant in color – capture their playful punch with Lemon Twist. A smaller dose of bright yellow can add the right amount of energy to your space. Use this hue as an accent color for furniture to create an unexpected look that’s fun and fresh.

An open kitchen with lower cabinets painted in Retro Mint.

Retro Mint

Looking for a color combination that’s mint to be? Green and white are a refreshing duo that looks good in any room – play up the contrast between them with color blocking. Retro Mint adds a splash of pastel color that’s perfect for grounding a space, while white helps draw the eye up.

A hallway vignette with walls painted in Rock Candy.

Rock Candy

Like the sugary crystals on a nostalgic treat, Rock Candy brings a soft and inviting look to walls with barely-there color. If you want to play up a bolder look, explore using a monochromatic palette to paint doors and trim a few shades darker than the wall color.

A bathroom vanity with cabinets painted in Splashy.


Whether it’s from the boardwalk or an amusement park candy shop, saltwater taffy is sticky sweet and always a treat. Use Splashy’s rich shade of blue to give furniture or accent walls a coat of statement-making color.

No matter which sweet catches your eye, these candy-inspired paint colors remind you to have fun with your space. Looking for additional inspiration? Upload a picture of your favorite treat to our ColorSnap® Visualizer to get even more color suggestions.

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