5 Cozy Bedroom Colors We Love

When it comes to creating the coziest vibes in a bedroom, color always makes the biggest impact. From deep and dark to restful and relaxed, these five shades instantly wrap your bedroom in comfort you can to sink into. 

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Featured Color: Black Fox SW 7020 

Black Fox

Curl up and get cuddly in the calming influence of a rich hue like Black Fox. Drenching the walls and trim in this deep shade sets the mood for a quiet and reflective atmosphere – perfect for nesting down and losing yourself in a good book. Keep in mind that darker hues have the power to shrink a space, so be sure to balance dark tones with lighting to keep your comfy cave feeling restful and relaxing instead of heavy and somber. 

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Featured Color: Persimmon SW 6339 


As terracotta tones continue to trend, we couldn’t help but fall in love with Persimmon’s snuggly, sun-kissed hue. This shade’s feel-good energy infuses your space with a super-comforting, easy warmth, even if it’s only on an accent wall. The laid-back, slightly earthy vibes of Persimmon’s glow create a calming, stress-free retreat that’s perfect for drifting off to dreamland.

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Featured Color: Still Water SW 6223 

Still Water

Still Water’s alluring, night-sky tone brings a mysterious energy that’s tranquil, dreamy and dark. Not totally sold on going full out with a deeper shade? Opt for a smaller dose on board and batten trim on the lower half of the wall to ground the space and balance it out with contrasting tones and a light color up top. 

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Featured Color: Mindful Gray SW 7016 

Mindful Gray

You don’t need to go dark to get cozy. Cue Mindful Gray. This light, neutral shade has a comforting warmth that’s subtle, but deeply satisfying. Pair it with contrasting tones and textures for added depth and dimension. Plush, layered textiles add visual interest and create a look that’s bright yet inviting. 

Photo Courtesy of @maple.and.dickerson 
Featured Color: Shade Grown SW 6188 


There aren’t many things that bring a sense of comfort to a space quite like a moody hue on the walls coupled with ultra-warm, ambient lighting. Shade-Grown sets the mood for a thoroughly cocoon-like, sanctuary atmosphere that instantly adds depth without the need for layered decorative elements. 

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