At Home with Sue: A Foyer Makeover feat. Evergreen Fog

Nothing says fresh start, like a newly painted space – and when you make it the foyer, you can lean into the ‘new year, new me’ mantra even more because entryways set the tone for everything else in the home. We caught up with our Director of Color Marketing, Sue Wadden, to see how she gave her foyer an evergreen look with the 2022 Color of the Year (spoiler alert: Maize gave it two paws up).

woman standing in her front foorway with a dog
Featured Colors: Evergreen Fog SW 9130 (Foyer Walls), Antiquarian Brown SW 0045 (Door), Extra White SW 7006 (Trim), Anonymous SW 7046 (Exterior)

Q: What made Evergreen Fog the perfect choice for 2022?

A: For 2022, it was about beginning again and starting fresh. There’s new growth and so much to be optimistic about, so we were looking for a color that captured that energy, and green tells that story beautifully. I think people are really going to love it. 

Q: There are so many reasons to love this shade of green – what stands out about it the most?

A: One thing I love about this color is its versatility. You can literally put it in any room, in any design style and it’s going to look great. Whether you like mid-century modern or California casual, or you’re looking to redo a mudroom or kids’ room, it’s a color that goes with everything. It’s amazing on exteriors too.

detail shot of a can of paint sitting on a ladder
Featured Colors: Evergreen Fog SW 9130 (Foyer Walls), Extra White SW 7006 (Trim)

Q: For a color that can go anywhere, what made you choose the foyer?

A: We had this muddy yellow color in there that no one else liked but me, so it was time for a change. Foyers and entryways are like a gateway into the rest of your home, and Evergreen Fog added this comforting feeling when you walk in that wasn’t there before. It really speaks to what people can expect when they walk into our home.

gif roating between the before and after of a foyer makeover

Q: How else did you personalize this small space?

A: We’ve been in our house for almost twenty years, and you collect things over time, so we have a lot of knick-knacks. I wanted to display some of those pieces on the wall to make a little gallery. One of my favorites is a plate that a friend gave me. It’s a 100-year-old Mexican wooden plate, and I couldn’t think of a better place for it to live.

vignette of an entryway gallery wall
Featured Colors: Evergreen Fog SW 9130 (Foyer Walls), Extra White SW 7006 (Trim)

Q: What’s a common misconception about painting small spaces?

A: People get worried that small spaces will look dark if they paint it a color, so they default to white, and I would challenge that. Sometimes bringing color in, though it will inhibit some light, adds more energy. If you’re thinking of adding color to a small space, Evergreen Fog is the perfect choice because it’s a mid-tone color that sits right in the middle. It’s not too light, it’s not too dark, and it’s got a muted undertone, so it’s not intense either.

Another thing to consider is that rooms like foyers are just a little piece of your whole house. It’s the perfect place to experiment with going darker or brighter with color. I like to call these peek-a-boo rooms. They’re rooms you’re not living in, but you can look into and have a little fun with them because you’re not spending all your time there.

Featured Colors: Evergreen Fog SW 9130 (Foyer Walls), Antiquarian Brown SW 0045 (Door), Extra White SW 7006 (Trim), Shiitake SW 9173 (Living Room Walls)

Q: What are you most excited about for 2022?

A: We’ve had a decade of neutrals and grays and now it’s about color again. We’ve never spent more time at home than we have in the last couple of years, so we’re not thinking about playing it safe anymore. We’re entering the next decade with a ‘let’s go get it’ attitude, and that’s really, really refreshing.

Q: Does the adorable Maize stick around to help with projects?

A: You bet! I send everybody out when I’m painting because I can put on a podcast or listen to an audiobook and have my zen time, but Maize sticks around (and mostly gets paint on herself).

a dog walking from a foyer into a living room
Featured Colors: Evergreen Fog SW 9130 (Foyer Walls), Extra White SW 7006 (Trim), Shiitake SW 9173 (Living Room Walls)

Can’t get enough of Sue’s eye for design? Check out last year’s shed makeover and don’t forget to see this year’s Color of the Year in person with a color chip or peel & stick sample. You can also drop a comment below to tell us which small space you’d like to try Evergreen Fog in.


  1. That’s not green. It is gray. I am so tired of gray. It needs to go away and depress someone else. Really, really depressing color. If you want a fresh start, use a real color.

    Kate Powers

    Angel rodriguez
  3. Beautiful behind the scene color

  4. Can you please send me your Featured and Coordinating EXTERIOR colors on a home. Thank you!

    Featured Colors:
    Evergreen Fog SW 9130 (Foyer Walls), Antiquarian Brown SW 0045 (Door), Extra White SW 7006 (Trim), Shiitake SW 9173 (Living Room Walls), Anonymous SW 7046 (Exterior)

    *Shoji White SW 7042
    *Loggia SW 7506
    *Woven Wicker SW 9104
    *Felted Wool

  5. Hi was very unsatisfied with the paint I bought for my front and 2 back doors. Used the primer was extra and paint it is peeling off and cost me a lot of money . I loved the colour but paint is peeling off and showing the primer colour not happy would like some money back or something *** *** *** call me thank you

    Alexandra kozub
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      We are very sorry that you had this experience. For this type of situation, if you have not done so already, please contact the Sherwin-Williams store where you purchased the paint. Each store is required to address any customer dissatisfaction regarding product application. Please contact the store and speak with the manager. If you have already done so, please send us a message with the store and your phone # for further assistance. Thank you.

  6. Nice switch to evergreen fog. It’s both inviting and restful, avoiding a trendy look. Change for the better.
    Shelby Township, MI

  7. We’re building a new home and I’m considering evergreen fog for the kitchen cabinets with a stained island and stained vent hood with white subway tile backsplash. What do you think ?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Tami, that sounds like quite a beautiful kitchen. Choose a warm stain for your island and vent hood to pull all the elements together.


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