Colorful Conversations feat. Joybird

What’s the secret to creating a home that makes you happy? We sat down with Joybird’s Director of Merchandising & Sourcing, Gifty Walker, to find out how our colorful selection of paint hues and their colorful selection of furniture can help you craft a space you adore from the ground up.   

green living room and headshot of a woman
Photo Courtesy of Joybird 
Featured Color: Basque Green SW 6426 
Featured Furniture: Preston Reversible Sectional 

Q: Tell our readers a little bit about Joybird!

A: Joybird is an innovative home lifestyle brand that is bold, unique and always willing to take chances! We offer stylish, modern furniture in an eclectic range of fabric textiles at mid-tier prices. Joybird designs and curates the latest in interiors, making it easy for our customers to make their dream space a reality. 

Q: Joybird believes in being boldly original – how can people bring that energy into their home?

A: We firmly believe that our homes should be an extension of our personalities and personal style. Most people know the outfits and colors that they feel good in, empower them – the same should go for homes! We encourage customers to identify the styles and settings that bring them not only joy, but a calming place of refuge, and begin working those elements into their homes. Do you feel more grounded in neutral spaces or are you inspired by color? Once you have that answer, you can begin selecting anchor pieces and work from there. 

Q: What’s the secret to creating a space that brings you joy? 

A: Go with what you love and only live with items you love. We all have spent more time at home over the past two years than ever before. The biggest lesson for me has been letting go of feeling like I have to furnish and decorate my house fully in a set amount of time. My approach now is to live life and as I find something that brings joy, I bring it home. 

bohemian bedroom featuring green walls and a bed with a curved headboard
Photo Courtesy of Joybird 
Featured Color: Basque Green SW 6426 
Featured Furniture: Sienna Bed 

Q: Color and furniture are a timeless duo – why is this pairing so important in making a space feel complete?

A: The one comment that is consistent about Joybird is “there are such fun colors”. At Joybird, we love color and our customers have shown us that they do too, based on our top-selling fabrics. Sometimes that bold color is on an accent chair versus a larger scale sectional. I think that’s why Sherwin-Williams and Joybird make such a great collaboration. Both brands offer a plethora of color options while also providing great neutrals for areas and customers that just need that. Whether it’s paint or a sofa, color impacts moods, and we’re thrilled to partner with Sherwin-Williams to encourage our customers to color their world.

a minimal home office with green walls
Photo Courtesy of Joybird 
Featured Color: Basque Green SW 6426 
Featured Furniture: Florence Desk 

Q: What’s one piece of furniture or decor from Joybird you couldn’t live without?

A: The Frederick Console Cabinet is my favorite furniture addition. I was immediately drawn to this when we spotted it on a buying trip. The combination of the warm acacia wood and lighter cane fronts feel like a classic take on the very on-trend cane that is popping up everywhere. We usually see cane or rattan combined with a lighter oak or black, but the warm acacia on Frederick is reminiscent of some of the teak woods found in the mid-century. I also really love the legs of this console that almost make it look like it’s floating. I currently use it as my bar cabinet, so definitely can’t live without this piece!  

vignette of a console and wall art against blue walls
Photo Courtesy of Joybird 
Featured Color: Salty Dog SW 9177 
Featured Furniture: Frederick Console Cabinet 

Q: Do you have a favorite Sherwin-Williams paint color (or two!) you’d pair the Frederick Console Cabinet with? 

A: I’m such a sucker for a good dark, almost navy blue, and Sherwin-Williams Salty Dog feels perfect. It’s deep enough in tone that it packs a punch but not so dark that it feels heavy. I recently painted an entire wall this color as the backdrop to our coveted gallery wall, and while I don’t have the space to layer in the Frederick Console, it would be the perfect combo of warm woods and moody blues. And… now I’m imagining a space where I can recreate this look! 

Ready to create a colorful look at home? Learn more about our collaboration with Joybird and find even more bold color inspiration with some of our favorite reads to find the perfect hue for your next project. 


  1. I’m an older person and still like to have coordinating colors. Which is my problem with choosing furniture and paint. I also like to mix patterns but its so hard to find patterns that feature the same shades of color. I like colors that still work when you change the accessories like drapes curtains pillows and area rugs. I want to be able to change the whole look of a room by doing just that. And think it would be great to change the look of a room with the seasons. I am so not eclectic.

    Eugenia Briscoe
  2. Thanks for these pairings of Joybird with your great paint colors. It gave me some good ideas. Now I can show my husband these rooms so he can see you can use color on the walls and furniture.

    Carol Giacoletto

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