2022 Colormix® Forecast Spotlight: Ephemera

Good style never gets old, it just gets better with time. Find out how the Ephemera palette from our 2022 Colormix® Forecast takes a piece of the past and looks to the future for a modern-day take filled with the old, the new and the reimagined.

vignette of a retro modern living room with white walls and mid-century modern furnishings.
Featured Colors: Alabaster SW 7008, Moody Blue SW 6221

Meet the Palette

You don’t need a time machine to bring back your favorite era – all it takes is a little bit of color. Our nostalgic palette of cheerful shades instantly brings you back with pops of color softened over time. From striking reds like Sierra Redwood to bold blues and greens like Cascades, these retro musings are getting a muted update that helps them seamlessly blend yesterday’s style with today.

Influences: Nostalgia, Retro Futurism, Meaning & Memory, Optimism

mood board of the ephemera palette featuring a mix of patterns, color chips, fabric swatches and materials.
Ephemera Mood Board

Get the Look

When it comes to styling, always remember the past is for inspiration, not repeating. Nostalgic spaces might build off familiarity, but the key to making them feel personal is adding your own spin to an oldie but goodie. Mixing new finds with vintage ones helps you reimagine a pastime favorite into a modern-day take.

peek-a-boo-shot from a hallway with pink walls looking into a retro-inspired home office with blue walls.
Featured Colors: Inky Blue SW 9149, Alabaster SW 7008, Pink Shadow SW 0070 

Thinking about adding some vintage charm to your walls? We’ve added these playful hues to your cart for FREE color chip ordering so you can find the perfect shade for your next project. Make sure you also check out our full 2022 Colormix® Forecast to see the rest of this year’s color trends. 

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