Begin Again With Our 2022 Color of the Year: Evergreen Fog

Ready for a new beginning? So are we, and we’re starting with our 2022 Color of the YearEvergreen Fog ushers in a new era of organic hues and calming spaces that remind us, the simplest moments are often the most significant. Get ready to grow and thrive with this gentle, green-gray that inspires you to find the beauty in starting fresh.

Featured Colors: Evergreen Fog SW 9130Shoji White SW 7042

A Fresh Start

We’ve blossomed from the roots of Urbane Bronze into a restorative shade that creates a clean slate. “The essence of Evergreen Fog was inspired by the world’s ability to adapt and regenerate,” says Director of Color Marketing, Sue Wadden. “It inspires us to begin again, and what better place to start than in our homes.” 

Much like nature, this color’s natural appeal invites the quiet beauty of the outdoors into our modern living spaces. So, as we begin again, we’re also surrounding ourselves with nourishing hues that keep us focused on what’s important.

Modern entryway painted in Evergreen Fog SW 9130.
Featured Color: Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Wrapped in Comfort

Even though Evergreen Fog’s organic appeal is fresh and new, it also feels familiar. There’s a touch of nostalgia to this soft green that can balance, beautify and blanket a room in comfort – especially during a time when homes have become our havens. Use this mid-tone neutral to warm up your space and welcome all the coziness that follows.

Modern dining room painted in Evergreen Fog SW 9130.
Featured Color: Evergreen Fog SW 9130

Any Time, Any Place

One of our favorite things about Evergreen Fog? It can be used anywhere, in any amount. Whether it’s indoors or out, a full-colored wall, or a simple accent, this soothing green is big on versatility. While you can use it wherever, we love saving it for spaces where we seek relaxation and comfort in our everyday.

Vignette of a sitting area painted in Evergreen Fog SW 9130.
Featured Color: Evergreen Fog SW 9130 

Perfectly Paired

When coordinating this hue with other colors, all you have to do is look to the great outdoors. “A serene hue like Evergreen Fog feels so natural and effortless we knew it needed a palette that carried the same sense of ease,” says Wadden. “When paired with warm, organic neutrals, you get a stunning collection that celebrates the simplistic beauty of nature.”

Paint dollops featuring the 2022 Color of the Year Accent Colors. From left to right, Shoji White SW 7042, Urbane Bronze SW 7048, Accessible Beige SW 7036, Uber Umber SW 9107, Woven Wicker SW 9104, Bakelite Gold SW 6368.
Coordinating Accent Colors

Ready to begin again with our 2022 Color of the Year? Learn more about this green-meets-gray hue and drop a comment below letting us know where you’d love to use it in your home. You can also check out Evergreen Fog and all the coordinating colors with FREE color chip ordering or see this gorgeous green on your wall with a peel and stick sample.


  1. Can you paint a tile backsplash ? It goes around my counters and behind my stove. It is so outdated but to remove and replace would be messy and costly.

    Nancy E Pruskowski

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