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KariAnne seems to have unlimited creative energy she’s busy pouring into all her projects over at Thistlewood Farms. We were able to steal a moment with her to reflect on some of her past projects and how she worked our Color of the Year into a recent bedroom makeover. 

KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms  
Photo Courtesy of Thistlewood Farms

Q: You put a lot of work into an inspiring makeover for The Samaritan Inn a while ago that felt very close to your heart. Have you been able to get back for a visit to see how it’s looking and to experience the impact it’s had? 

A: We LOVE the Samaritan Inn and have continued to support them over the past couple of years. I actually just had a conversation with one of their residents who told me about the difference that the center had made in her life. It’s stories like that that make The Samaritan Inn such a special place. I believe 100% in their amazing mission and the difference they are making in peoples’ lives. 

   The Samaritan Inn 
  Photo Courtesy of Thistlewood Farms

Q: For the last couple years, you’ve focused on bedroom spaces in partnership with our Color of the Year announcements – you always seem to choose the best bedroom colors! What do you think it is about bedroom updates that creates such a big impact?  

A: I love exploring color and creativity in bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms in our house has its own personality (just like all the people that live here). It’s fun to create a space for a specific person and match the color and creative ideas with a design that’s perfect for them. 

Q: This year you used Redend Point to create a striped accent wall in your daughter’s room. What do you think this color brings to the space?  

A: Redend Point SW 9081 is all about finding beauty beyond ourselves and celebrating the comfort and joy of home. The bedroom that I created for my daughter is just like her—compassionate with a quiet confidence. I wanted to design a space to be a home away from home for her when she returns from college. 

Featured Color: Redend Point SW 9081 
Photo Courtesy of Thistlewood Farms 

Q: You’re often refreshing spaces for other people in your projects. Do you find yourself thinking about room color ideas with that person in mind? 

A: Yes. Color is so important when I’m designing a space, and I want the room to truly reflect the person that I’m designing for. For example, when I designed the room for my mother with the 2021 Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze SW 7048, I knew the color would be perfect for her. She likes quiet, reflective spaces and that color has such depth and personality — just like my mother. 

Q: Your readers have been able to follow along as you’ve reimagined your childhood home, transforming it into something new for your own family. How do you see this continuing to evolve as you and your family live and grow in this space? 

A: It’s been such a joy completely remodeling my childhood home. The latest makeover was the complete renovation of the exterior of the home using the classic, Extra White SW 7006, along with a new roof and shutters. We have big plans for an addition, along with a workshop/office space in the back yard for next year. Stay tuned! The future is so bright.

Photo Courtesy of Thistlewood Farms 
Featured Color: Extra White SW 7006

Q: Glancing back across all your past projects, do you ever feel like you want to dive back in and do it differently? 

A: There are always things I want to change later with every project. But that’s me — I’m always tweaking and updating and changing. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding new pillows, and sometimes I’ve gone back to touch up and add a little bit more of the paint color to refresh the space because I loved it so much. 

Want to see more of KariAnne’s projects? Visit our influencer page to see more of her DIYs and find inspiration for your next project, and be sure to also check out Redend Point, our 2023 Color of the Year

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