Emily Henderson’s Farmhouse

Our latest partnership with interior designer and stylist Emily Henderson is just getting started! Read on to learn more about her Portland Farmhouse project and all the unique spaces inside this 100-year-old homestead.

Farmhouse living room.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Henderson
Farmhouse kitchen, pre rennovation.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Henderson

The First Floor

The home is large, about 3,500 square feet, and the first floor has a spacious living room, kitchen and dining room. An addition from the 1960s creates additional space for an eventual family room and primary suite. A cute original fireplace adds tons of charm, too!

Farmhouse bathroom, pre rennovation.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Henderson
Farmhouse bedroom, pre rennovation.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Henderson

The Second Floor

It might not look like much yet, but the second floor is a hidden gem complete with three large bedrooms and a shared bathroom, all connected by a large landing. It’s spacious, bright and open, with plenty of room to work with.

Farmhouse half-bath, pre rennovation.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Henderson
Farmhouse exterior.
Photo Courtesy of Emily Henderson

The 1850 House

As if this property wasn’t already full of potential, it also has an additional “kit house” from 1850 that will be turned into an office and guest space. It’ll be updated with all the necessities like working plumbing and electricity but will also be a fun place to experiment with more eclectic designs that match the unique nature of this space.

Learn more about Emily’s plans for the Farmhouse on her blog.


  1. Really want to follow this.

    Christine Clay
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    Karen Thompson
  3. Sounds very interesting. Would like to follow the progress.

    Mary Doehle
  4. I want to follow also. House has “good bones”. So much potential.

    Christine McTague
  5. I’m really interested following this. I just bought a 65 year old home on 3 acres and have a project ahead of me as well.

    Charles Smith
  6. I hope Emily renovates the space and does not “remuddle” it. There’s a difference. (Remuddling is where the vintage charm and antique architectural parts of a house are removed in favor of updating it to a modern look.)

  7. Would love to see her ideas!

    Lezli Matthews
  8. Can’t wait to see this transformation come to life!!

    Carol Paschal
  9. Looking forward to watching the transformation!

  10. Interesting

    Carol Malaney
  11. Love to meet you and learn more

  12. Can’t wait to see the changes made!

  13. Would like to follow this project!

    Debbie DiVello Tupek
  14. Would love to follow progress.

    Julia Maday
  15. Looking forward to seeing the progress on the farmhouse. I would love to renovate a house sometime myself.

    Tracey Kelly

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