5 Energizing Bathroom Colors We Love

Waking up before the sun? While a fresh brewed coffee might be a must-have for early birds and night owls, caffeine isn’t the only way to jumpstart your morning. Give your a.m. rising a boost with five energizing bathroom colors that keep the yawns at bay.

large bathroom with big window, white wall, the wall on the right have thick yellow stripes, large bathtub in the middle


Hello, yellow! Waking up to bright and bold color is an obvious way to give your bathroom an energizing effect, but it’s also great because yellow hues like Daisy can brighten a space where natural lighting might be limited. If you’re worried about yellow being too much, simply use it in a smaller dose as an accent color.

bathroom lavatory with marble top, clay color wall and mirror in the center

Cavern Clay

Bold doesn’t have to mean bright. This rich shade of burnt orange makes a statement without the intensity of a neon hue thanks to its deep level of color saturation. Pairing Cavern Clay with white trim and brass accessories allows this color to stand out as a bold neutral.

rounded bathroom, bathtub in the center, pink ceiling, pinkish white walls, chandelier

Exuberant Pink

Sometimes a pop of color is all you need to make a space feel more energized. Exuberant Pink has a saturated hue that’s great for adding a subtle burst of color in the bathroom. Explore using this popping shade of pink in an unexpected place like a vanity or the fifth wall.   

part of bathroom, blue walls, white cabinets and big mirror over it


If you’re torn between choosing a bathroom color that’s traditional or invigorating, why not find a hue that’s a little bit of both? Indigo features a classic shade of blue with a little more saturation. Pair this hue with crisp shades of white to create striking contrast.

bathroom double lavatory with black wooden cabinets, sharp green walls, rounded mirror


Go for a burst of green energy that makes you feel awakened. Whether you go all in or use this hue as an accent, Greenbelt features a vibrant shade that’s perfect for filling your bathroom with bold color.

Ready to give one of these colors a go? Use the ColorSnap® Visualizer on your desktop or phone to virtually try on any of these energizing hues in your own bathroom.


  1. Hi There:
    I am painting my bathroom. I am getting my vanity and doors painted Pussywillow. There is no windows in my bathroom. What color would you suggest to go with Pussywillow? I do like grey color paint.

    James W Finley
  2. Great article! Choosing the right colors for your bathroom can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Energizing bathroom colors, such as bright yellows, greens, and blues, can create a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere that can help start your day on the right foot. It’s important to choose colors that complement your design style and personal preferences, while also taking into consideration factors such as lighting, wall color, and flooring. Adding pops of color through accessories, such as towels and rugs, can also be a great way to incorporate energizing colors into your bathroom without committing to a full wall color. Overall, energizing bathroom colors can be a great way to infuse your daily routine with a sense of vibrancy and positivity.

    Salem Bathroom Remodel
  3. We have remodeled our bathroom, it is a pretty small bathroom. Linen cabinet, vanity and vanity top are all white. What color should I paint the walls? Don’t want the paint color on the walls to make it seem small

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Sally, is this a powder room or full bathroom? Powder rooms are a great way to incorporate color without overwhelming your house with color. Are you open to a blue or green family? Let us know when you get a minute and thanks again.


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