Color of the Month September 2019: Shiitake

This mindful shade of beige brings the perfect balance
of warm and cool. 

dining room, peach walls with 2 windows

Need a little refreshing? Lose yourself in the simplicity of Shiitake – a color that’s all about mindfulness through minimalism. This mushroom-inspired shade is the perfect blend of warm and cool that sets the stage for a room where everything has a purpose. From concise color palettes to functional furniture, a minimalist space is about being intentional from the ground up.

corner of dining room, sisal walls, descendant light in balls shape, table with chairs

Borrowing from the “less is more” motto, this versatile color creates a relaxing environment where you can catch your breath. Use warm wood furnishings to bring an inviting balance, while muted jewel-tone accessories add just the right amount of color. The beauty of this simplicity is that it never goes out of style, leaving you with more time to find joy in the little things.

bathroom with sisal/wooden walls, modern simple bathtub
color swatch - shiitake

Style Cues:

  • Warm Wood Tones
  • Minimalism
  • Matte Accessories


  1. Are there any more complimentary colors for shiitake? Thanks!

    • Hi Kat! Tho color families that would complement Shiitake are green and blue. Which color family appeals to you more?

  2. Wanting to do Shittake on my trim and white walls! Pure white nor Greek villa work. Suggestions???

    Meredith Stokes
    • Hello Meredith! The following subtle whites would coordinately nicely with Shitake. Look at:
      White Duck SW 7010
      Futon SW 7107
      Snowbound SW 7004

  3. Thinking of using Shitake throughout our entire great room and hallway in our Florida home. The great room does have a small divider wall in the middle that is open on both sides but divides the rooms some — the dining/living room and the kitchen/family room. The DR/LR has little direct Natural light both N and S. The FR/KIT has lots of N natural light. We’re replacing the Irish Cream that is turning our floors a yellow tone, want a more updated feel and we want slightly more contrast with our white trim. We also have maple cabinets in the kitchen which we’re not ready to restrain yet and distressed wood floors with both gray and beige in them in the LM/DR. We want a warmer look that is neutral and a nice Greige not too beige. Our accent colors are blue/teal and we have warm to darker wood tones in our furniture. Most of our upholstry is off white. Do you think Shitake would work well? Our house is transitional and we like a more minimalist look. Thank you

    • Hi Carolyn! We’d like to see your space before making a recommendation. Sign up for a free Virtual Color Consultation here.

  4. I am painting my kitchen Shiitake and want to paint the cabinets a coordinating off white or light beige/taupe. What colors do you recommend?

    • Hi Becky, check out these options below. Any of these three off whites will look fantastic with Shitake. Look at:
      Pearly White SW 7009
      Aesthetic White SW 7035
      Everyday White SW 6077

  5. Hello. My wall color is Shiitake through all the main areas of our home, cabinets and trim is painted Pure White. Looking for complementary color to paint interior doors. Suggestions???

    Kelli Bishop
    • Hi Kelli! Shitake SW 9173 is a beautiful grounding neutral and complements many other color families. It would look good with a color in the same family but several shades darker like Dark Clove SW 9183. Shitake can also work with a saturated blue like Charcoal Blue SW 2739. And finally, looks great with a dark charcoal gray like Peppercorn SW 7674.

  6. Hi! I am painting my island Peppercorn 7674, my walls are Agreeable Gray but I’m undecided on cabinets. My top two choices are Shitake and Anew Gray. My kitchen does not get a lot of sunlight. What do you think?

    • We think you should consider painting your upper cabinets Agreeable Gray SW 7029 – the same color on your walls. Anew Gray and Shitake are very close to Agreeable Gray and if those are used on your upper cabinets, it may look like you tried to match your wall color and failed. If you paint the cabinets Agreeable, it will make your kitchen look larger with a more cohesive palette. Let us know if you need anything else.

  7. Hi, doing a kitchen remodel with light gray cabinets and dark brown maple stained flooring. Would shiitake work on the walls? There is plenty of natural light, and very little wall space where the cabinets are mounted. Probably going with a white tile backsplash and lighter countertops. Thanks!

    • Hi Linda! Shitake SW 9173 is a mid-tone brown and may not be the best choice next to gray cabinets. Can you give us the name of your cabinets or tell us a color from SW that matches your cabinetry? That would be a big help.

  8. Hi, I’m planning to paint my exterior wall with shiitake. What color should I pick for the trim and also I’m planning to to do darker color for the garage door. Thanks!

    • Hello Liza, Shitake SW 9173 is a warm neutral that works well with a lot of colors. Check out these two options below:

      Option A:

      Trim: Alabaster SW 7008

      Door: Foothills SW 7514

      Option B

      Trim: Greek Villa SW 7551

      Door: Mineral Gray SW 2740

  9. We are painting exterior of our home Shiitake. We would like to use Dover White for the trim and Dark Night for the front door. Will these colors go together well?

    • Hello Charlene, Dover White SW 6385 is a much better complement to Shitake and Dark Night as it is a warm color with a subtle yellow undertone. Ethereal White SW 6182 is a frosty blue white and would not look great next to Shitake SW 9173. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  10. See previous email. Another trim color approved by our HOA is Ethereal White. Is that a better choice than Dover White?

  11. I have Shiitake throughout my open concept living room and kitchen area. We also have Extra White trim throughout the entire house (builder color). I really want to paint my kitchen cabinets, but the Extra White will look too bright with our counters. Can I use another white next to the Shiitake and Extra White that has more warmth without it looking weird?

    • Hi Wendy, for a warm white that works with Shiitake and Extra White take a look at Alabaster SW 7008. It has warmth to it, and it works well with Shiitake SW 9173 and Extra White SW 7006 to create a cohesive, coordinated palette.

  12. Hi,
    Let me start by saying I have no creative or artistic vision or skill. Just moved and am looking for a whole house neutral color scheme. I do like muted blues, greens and earth tones. We have honey colored oak cabinets in kitchen and bathrooms. We also have creamy colored wood trim and doors. Any chance you can provide a whole house color scheme? The floor plan is open-ish and there are 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. I am not adverse to painting the cabinets, just FYI. I just need help finding colors that flow and are warm and stylish. I am torn about grays vs. tans. Thanks in advance!

    Tracey Pfau
    • Hi Tracey! We recommend a Virtual Color Consultation. This way we can get a better sense of your space before making a recommendation. Click here to sign up.

  13. wanting to paint my living and kitchen in shiitake. both receive a lot of natural light and face west. my upper cabinets are Natural Choice SW 7011 and lower cabinets are Dark Night SW 6237. would you go shiitake or would balanced beige be better. also need a trim that would go with whatever choice for the walls. Help?? Please…

    • Hi Tiffany, we’d like to get a better sense of this space before making a recommendation. Please fill out the form linked below for a free Virtual Color Consultation here.

    • I plan to paint my family room and kitchen which is one large room with the color shiitake number 9173. I also want to paint a darker accent wall in that room and was considering urban bronze 7048 or Derk clove 9183. What are your thoughts about those two colors or is there a better color for a darker accent wall?

      • Hello Mary, we recommend you stick with Dark Clove SW 9183. Dark Clove has a warm brown undertone which will complement the creamy tones in Shitake SW 9173 beautifully. Dark Clove + Shitake is a gorgeous combination.

  14. We are painting exterior of home shiitake with dark night as front door color. Would dover white or antique white be best as trim color?

    Charlene Steinhauser
    • Hi Charlene, both colors would work well with Shiitake and Dark Night. Dover White SW 6385 may work better, as it’s lighter than Antique White and creates more contrast between the body color and the trim color, which creates more visual interest on the exterior. We recommend obtaining the color chip and viewing it in your exterior space and lighting situation with Shiitake and Dark Night, this will assist you in making the best color decision to complete the color story for your home’s exterior.

  15. Hello, We are considering using Shiitake for the exterior color of our home and painting the front door and accent shutters Iron Ore. First, do those two colors work together? Second, what trim color would you recommend? We are looking for a darker brown recommendation and not white. Thank you in advance for your help!

    Heather Cole
    • Hi Heather, Shiitake SW 9173 and Iron Ore SW 7069 look fantastic together. Some darker brown options for your trim are Keystone Gray SW 7504 and Sycamore Tan SW 2855.

  16. I am painting my house SW shiitake with SW Dark Night on the front door. You previously suggested Dover White for trim, but I walked the neighborhood and looked at houses with Dover White and realize that I prefer more muted colors. The HOA has one more option for trim and that is Kestrel White. What do you think about Dover vs Kestrel?

    Charlene Steinhauser
  17. I am painting my house SW shiitake with SW Dark Night on the front door. You previously suggested Dover White for trim, but I walked the neighborhood and looked at houses with Dover White and realize that I prefer more muted colors. The HOA has one more option for trim and that is Kestrel White. What do you think about Dover vs Kestrel?

    Larry Steinhauser
    • Hi Larry, Dover White has a yellow undertone to it while Kestrel White has a gray undertone to it. Either trim will work with Shiitake, but Dover White will look better with your Dark Knight door. The good news is whichever option you choose will create a beautiful look.

  18. I am painting my main level Shiitake. What ceiling color you recommend with Shiitake?

    • Hi Amy, consider using either Shoji White SW 7042 or Origami White SW 7636 on your ceiling to create a “fifth” wall in your space. Either of these soft whites would look fantastic with Shiitake SW 9173.

  19. Hi, I have Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray walls and want to use Shiitake Mushroom for my kitchen cabinets. Do you think those two colors will look tone-on-tone or like I don’t have enough contrast?

    Elaine Darroch
    • Hello Elaine, yes those colors are a tad too similar. Are you open to two colors on your cabinets? Perhaps Edgecomb on the bottom and a lighter color on top? Let us know when you get a minute.

  20. I am having an extremely difficult time selecting a paint for my tiny library ( with massive detailed fireplace (not strong light) and an adjoining narrow room with two large west windows. I can open a paint store with all the samples I have collected. I AM NOT a gray person … I am comfortable and prefer browns… creams… beiges… tans…. but apparently my choices alway end up having pink or gray or yellow undertones. Can you recommend some light colors ( deep creams… light browns… brown beiges) that are true to their names. When I was younger, I was not afraid of taking chances, at 70, I want to get it right… thank you so much.

    • Hi Barbara, the colors you want will all have undertones to them. Any cream will have a yellow undertone and tans/beiges will have a pink undertone. A soft and subtle color without those undertones would be Alabaster SW 7008. It goes with everything and will read as a soft white on your walls.

  21. Hi There!
    What are the undertones to Shitake? I can’t tell if I see some green/blue hues?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Catherine, Shiitake SW 9173 is a warm neutral with a very subtle pink undertone. There is no green or blue in this color. You can order a free color chip to see how it looks in your space.

  22. My kitchen table legs, chairs, my 2 doors and another piece I have in my kitchen are painted Tri-corn black. And my trim is white out of the can. Currently my walls are pussywillow with western light in the evening it looks purple?. So I want to repaint the walls, would Shitake look good on my walls? Or could you help with another color, please!

    • Hi Tami, Shiitake SW 9173 is a perfect choice as it is a warm neutral and will work with black and white. Two other warm neutrals that would also work are Naturel SW 7542 and Loggia SW 7506. You can order free color chips here to see how these colors look in your space.

  23. Hi. My Living Room is painted Origami White with Fawn Brindle as the accent colour. I am now ready to paint my staircase which flows from the living room area in Shitake. Will this be a beautiful blend? Reason. I love the shade Shitake

    Gillian Johnson
    • Hi Gillian, Shiitake SW 9173 would look great next to Fawn Brindle SW 7640, it is warm and welcoming and is lighter than Fawn Brindle so it will flow seamlessly.

  24. Hello, I have bought so many samples & having such a difficult time. We are painting Shiitake in our kitchen & I am trying to find a very soft, dim, not stark white that will also go with our new couches that are a nice Camel color, to paint in our living room & entryway. Trying to find a dark white or the lightest griege. Thank you

    • Hi Maggie, two colors that we would describe as a dark white/light greige. Either of these subtle colors would look beautiful with Shitake. Look at:

      Shoji White SW 7042
      Aesthetic White SW 7035


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