Color of the Month September 2019: Shiitake

This mindful shade of beige brings the perfect balance
of warm and cool. 

dining room, peach walls with 2 windows

Need a little refreshing? Lose yourself in the simplicity of Shiitake – a color that’s all about mindfulness through minimalism. This mushroom-inspired shade is the perfect blend of warm and cool that sets the stage for a room where everything has a purpose. From concise color palettes to functional furniture, a minimalist space is about being intentional from the ground up.

corner of dining room, sisal walls, descendant light in balls shape, table with chairs

Borrowing from the “less is more” motto, this versatile color creates a relaxing environment where you can catch your breath. Use warm wood furnishings to bring an inviting balance, while muted jewel-tone accessories add just the right amount of color. The beauty of this simplicity is that it never goes out of style, leaving you with more time to find joy in the little things.

bathroom with sisal/wooden walls, modern simple bathtub
color swatch - shiitake

Style Cues:

  • Warm Wood Tones
  • Minimalism
  • Matte Accessories

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