gray color smear

May 2020

Color of The Month


SW 9138

laundry room, sink and tops on the right side, laundromat and dryer on the left side, dog sitting in the middel

Give your favorite spaces a breath of fresh air with Stardew’s youthful glow.

Stardew’s youthful glow brings a breezy energy that reminds you to savor the time you’re spending in a space – even if it’s the laundry room. These functional spaces see our faces a lot, so they’re starting to get a fresh look that keeps the everyday ordinary feeling motivating.

wooden cabinet with glass doors and books inside, armchair

Style Influences

The goal with Stardew is to create a calming experience that’s well-detailed and free of clutter, so you’re reminded that homes are a place for finding joy in the little things. Keep this bluish-grey hue feeling effortless and charming by pairing it with soft neutrals and lots of natural wood tones.

Want to explore Stardew further? Learn more about our Color of the Month to find additional inspiration and don’t forget to tag your Stardew paint projects on social media with #SWColorLove for a chance to be featured in our gallery.

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  1. How about labeling each color in the picture? Or does make too much sense.

    Justin Mayet

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