Color of the Month January 2019: Cavern Clay

Bring the warmth of Cavern Clay home to create a desert-inspired space indoors.

dining table, peach walls, black window frames

In the desert, a dry wind blows through your hair and lets you know you are alive. On these breezes, you smell the sweet scent of the plant life that abounds. All around you, the colors of clay, stone, golden burnt umbers and sandstone beiges allow you to feel grounded to the earth.

living room, peach bottom parts of the walls, blue armchairs

Cavern Clay is the ideal accompaniment to desert modern style, a contemporary spin on the same features and ideals that make mid-century modern a staple of interior design. Warm and simple interiors have a slightly retro vibe with the addition of smooth surfaces and clean lines for a modern twist. In these settings, Cavern Clay enhances a look that is both cozy and casual, modern and timeless. Pair Cavern Clay with warm and cool neutrals for a balanced palette.

cavern clay color swatch, similar to peach color

Style Cues:

  • Rich Colored Earth
  • Linear Lines
  • Cohesive Architecture

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