February 2020

Color of The Month


SW 6031

bedroom, bed, glamour walls

Don’t let this rosy shade of beige fool you – there’s more to this soft neutral than meets the eye.

Sometimes it’s the quieter colors who tell the most interesting story. Glamour’s rosy shade of beige adds a hint of pink to a classic neutral that’s making its way back into our homes. This confident hue puts you at ease and calls you to be more mindful of your surroundings.

corner of the room, partially visible window

Style Influences

As we strip back to simpler times, today’s lifestyle trend focuses on getting back to basics. Think less, but better, as we make room for the things that serve a purpose in our daily lives. Tones should feel pure and natural like the unbleached wool where beige got its name.

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  1. What is the color that the Glamour is paired with? Thanks!

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