A dollop of paint tinted in Rosemary SW 6187.

November 2022

Color of The Month


SW 6187

An organic modern living room with ceiling, trim, and accents painted in Rosemary SW 6817.

Anchored greens and artfully crafted homes are where one-of-a-kind color meets one-of-a-kind style.

Rosemary’s herbal shade feels modern and organic, making it a natural fit for a space where artisan details can tell their handcrafted story.

Why We Love It

See how we brought Rosemary to life in three different rooms.

An organic modern living room with ceiling, trim, and accents painted in Rosemary SW 6817.

Intentionally Simple Comfort

Rosemary offers a rooted, zen-like presence that calmly sits as a moody backdrop to artisan home stylings. Organic, natural elements like wood and stone paired with layered, lighter neutrals bring warmth and add interest to a living space that wants to be comfortable and inviting yet elevated. Against this balanced palette of natural tones, the more thoughtful, unique details enliven the story and evoke a sense of personality.

Get the Look: Organic Shapes, Brass Details, Coffee Table Books

An office with walls and cabinets painted in Rosemary SW 6817.

A Space to Reflect

Continue the handcrafted storytelling in the home office, where an artful blend of tabletop details makes a statement of sophisticated simplicity while also inspiring creativity. Arrangements of greenery or a potted tree, and natural materials provide a simple way to invite the outdoors inside. When combined with clean lines and ample space for everything to breathe, Rosemary’s ability to blend modern and organic styles finds expression.

Get the Look: Natural Wood, Potted Trees, Textured Rug

An organic modern kitchen with walls and cabinets painted in Rosemary SW 6817.

Natural Kitchen Comfort

As the story winds its way into the kitchen, we find nature’s harmony and organic richness reflected in a monochrome color scheme that ties together walls, cabinets, and trim, covering all with Rosemary’s deep, herbal hue. Play with combinations of natural shapes and clean lines to achieve a relaxed balance between the nature-inspired side of this style’s personality with its cleaner, modern roots. A textured rug and warm wood tones provide the feel of cozy comfort expected in a kitchen space where we slow down and gather.

Get the Look: Organic Shapes, Natural Materials, Greenery

Want to learn more about Rosemary? Explore our Color of the Month to find additional inspiration and don’t forget to tag your Rosemary paint projects on social media with #SWColorLove for a chance to be featured in our gallery.


  1. I love the new green. Rosemary is the perfect name for the color.

    Buesch Christy
  2. What is the wall color in the intentionally simple comfort photo?

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