May 2023

Color of The Month


SW 6281

Embrace your inner flower child with a purple pastel who’s anything but shy.

This retro muse can lift the mood with a feel-good energy that finds joy in everything.

Why We Love It

See how we brought Wallflower to life in three different rooms.

Simply Retro

May’s sunset palette of mood-boosting hues feels made for a slightly eccentric style that blends retro color with a minimalist aesthetic. A Snowbound backdrop provides a blank canvas for the warm 70s-inspired hues of the palette to assert themselves as accents throughout the room. The curved comfort of softly rounded furniture and textured materials like rugs and cozy throws echo the warmth in the palette and bring some cozy balance to the clean “less is more” sensibility of this look.

Get the Look: Comfy Throws, Minimal Styling, Rounded Silhouettes

Happy Vibes

Slip away from the stress of the outside world and unwind in a simpler space. Rooted in a philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection and joy in the little things, the pastel Wabi-Sabi style blends a minimalist approach with muted pastels. Wallflower’s soft purple shade fits right in with a calming aura that sets the tone in a restorative sanctuary space. Natural materials balance the room’s tranquil energy with an earthiness that helps keep this dreamy hue grounded.

Get the Look: Natural Materials, Rustic Touches, Simplicity

Positively Pastel

An uplifting hue like Wallflower shares its playful spirit wherever it goes. Take a small secondary space that can feel like an afterthought, and once filled with this shade’s happy vibes, it becomes a bliss-filled haven. Feel-good spaces like this lift the spirit and remind us of the unique capacity of color to inspire joy.

Get the Look: Greenery & Flowers, Natural Shapes, Minimal Styling

Want to learn more about Wallflower? Explore our Color of the Month to find additional inspiration and don’t forget to tag your Wallflower paint projects on social media with #SWColorLove for a chance to be featured in our gallery.


  1. Como podría saber el precio por gallon de pintura sw6281wallflowers

    Hector Manrique Rodriguez

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