July 2022

Color of The Month


SW 0073

Make any space a shade happier with vibrant color.

The prettiest colors (and spaces) are the ones that spark joy. Whether that looks like getting together or inspiring creativity, Chartreuse’s vivid hue creates a positive vibe, so your happy place is the brightest it can be.

Why We Love It

See how we brought Chartreuse to life three different ways. 

Down to Earth

This vibrant yellow-green will put a smile on everyone’s face making it the perfect color for the place where you all get together. A sea of yellows and greens take their cues from nature, for a style that feels like a breath of fresh air. To keep the look ready for everyday living, accent with classic neutrals like white and gray to keep everything grounded.

The Trend: Nature
Get the Look: Leafy Greens, Patterned Pillows, Nature-Inspired Artwork 

Mixed to the Max

Looking for an electric hue to highlight your wild side? Chartreuse creates a bold backdrop where every color, pattern and texture can come to play. Embrace the maximalist musings of this yellow-green by pairing it with equally bold designs that are unique to your larger-than-life style.

The Trend: Maximalism
Get the Look: Gallery Wall, Eclectic Planters, Statement Lighting

A Tropical Touch

Let the warmth of a sun-filled oasis wash over you. When Chartreuse’s energizing shade meets bohemian flair, a tropical staycation becomes your favorite place to be. Mix in some lush greenery and eclectic finds to give this perfect paradise its traveled style.

The Trend: New Bohemian
Get the Look: Bright Color, Natural Decor, Potted Greenery 

Want to learn more about Chartreuse? Explore our Color of the Month to find additional inspiration and don’t forget to tag your Chartreuse paint projects on social media with #SWColorLove for a chance to be featured in our gallery.

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  1. I love all your colors, they are so expressive!

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