Paint dollop tinted Upward SW 6239.

January 2024

Color of The Month


SW 6239

Coastal style living room with walls painted Upward SW 6239 and Gale Force SW 7605.

Ease into the ethereal atmosphere of a soft blue that evokes the perfect peace of a morning walk on the beach. Upward’s easygoing attitude inspires simple yet total contentment.

Why We Love It

Coastal style living room with walls painted Upward SW 6239 and Gale Force SW 7605.

Simple Serenity

Embrace the simple comfort of a shade that captures the limitless wonder of a bright summer sky. Upward’s breezy, pale hue gently washes living spaces with its buoyant, uplifting energy, effortlessly crafting an airy yet inviting atmosphere. Its serene character, reminiscent of the tranquil beauty of the seaside, is perfect for a coastal-inspired interior. The deep marine-blue of Gale Force – the anchor of this month’s palette – grounds the mostly neutral space, providing balance and a note of cozy moodiness.

Get the Look: Natural Fabrics, Mixed Textures, Light Wood Tones, Greenery

Coastal style dining room with walls painted Upward SW 6239.

Keeping it Casual

The classic and timeless appeal of this color is right at home in a relaxed modern coastal dining space. As a calming backdrop, Upward offers versatility and a clean touch to a look that relies on a simple palette of light neutrals. Paired with natural elements, woven textures and natural wood tones, this humble hue inspires a sense of casual, understated sophistication to balance the minimalist side of this aesthetic.

Get the Look: Wicker Furniture, Greenery, Weathered Wood Accents, Clean Lines

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  1. Looking to pain exterior of Victorian house in Marshall this summer. Nothing loud but want to use three colors. Please advise of any sales.

    Thank you

  2. Looking to paint exterior of Victorian home in Marshall this summer. Want to use 3 colors but nothing loud. Please advise of any sales.

    Thank you

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