January 2023

Color of The Month

Redend Point

SW 9081

There’s a simple beauty to everyday life – sometimes all you need is a little reminder.

Welcome the new year in a meaningful way with the help of Redend Point’s humble hue and nourishing spirit.

Why We Love It

See how we brought Redend Point to life in three different rooms.

Sunbaked Sanctuary

A minimalist look where everything has its place creates calm and implies care and attention – qualities you find in a serene bedroom retreat. This is where the soft, nourishing hue of Redend Point shines as a beautiful, blushing backdrop. A wide-open space that embraces a ‘less is more’ aesthetic allows for simple but impactful focal points. A natural wicker pendant light takes center-attention, enhancing the earthy vibe and helping to harmonize the space by creating cohesiveness. Use the deep, wine-red shade of Carnelian in thoughtful accents to lend richness and draw the eye, while coordinating neutrals help keep it all balanced.

Get the Look: Layered Textiles, Minimal Elements, Textured Rug

Happy Harmonies

Whether we’re spinning records or relaxing in conversation, our simple gathering spaces invite us to slow down and savor the things that matter most. The soulful note of Redend Point hangs as a hint in the background, peeking through with its humble reminder of warmth and connection – something that’s echoed in harmonizing accents throughout the space. A soothing Elephant Ear backdrop grounds the space and adds to the coziness with a subtle note of cool comfort.

Get the Look: Natural Textiles, Warm Accents, Room-to-Room Harmony

Spare Sophistication

With its easy versatility, this color can go just about anywhere, but a hue that nourishes the soul is right at home in a space where we break bread. Make Redend Point the guest-of-honor in a dining room that balances its spare simplicity with this hue’s subtle sophistication and inviting charm. Layered notes of warmth from the wood flooring and Cool Beige trim build on the relaxed vibe, while thoughtfully chosen accent pieces tie it all together and support room-to-room harmony.

Get the Look: Minimal Elements, Natural Light, Warm Wood Tones

Want to learn more about Redend Point? Explore our Color of the Month to find additional inspiration and don’t forget to tag your Redend Point paint projects on social media with #SWColorLove for a chance to be featured in our gallery.


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