Paint dollop tinted Drift of Mist SW 9166.

February 2024

Color of The Month

Drift of Mist

SW 9166

Living room with walls painted Drift of Mist SW 9166.

Craft a cozy haven of airy serenity with a soft gray. Drift of Mist’s humble, calming character calls to mind a slower pace and the joy in simplicity.

Why We Love It

Living room with walls painted Drift of Mist SW 9166.

Keeping It Simple

Simple meets cozy in a design style that’s a perfect match for February’s Mindful Minimalist palette. This collection of tonal hues, anchored by Drift of Mist, embodies the essence of a style that blends delicate minimalism and warm elegance. It’s a look that gets its sense of tranquil harmony from its soft, muted shades, clean lines and spaciousness. Skyline Steel, the featured color in the living room, balances the minimalist character of the space with its warm, comforting shade.

Get the Look: Simple Palette, Mixed Textures, Wood Tones, Organic Shapes

Bedroom with walls painted Drift of Mist SW 9166.

Relaxed & Restful

Drift of Mist’s soft gray tone provides a serene backdrop and sets the tone for a soothing sanctuary. It’s a restful space of quiet beauty that takes on the peaceful, calming vibes of this honest shade. A Quarry Stone-covered accent wall adds definition and subtle contrast, anchoring the space in its slightly deeper, putty tone. Coordinating shades in the textiles and furniture evoke the simple harmony of nature.

Get the Look: Layered Textiles, Plush Textures, Wood Accents, Clean Lines

Bathroom with walls painted Drift of Mist SW 9166.

Clean & Serene

Bathed in the light airiness of Drift of Mist’s soft hue, any space instantly takes on an oasis atmosphere of quiet calm. With an abundance of natural light and open space, the serene vibes at the heart of this style fill the room. This shade’s easy ability to shift its character with the light gives it the sense of clean minimalism this look thrives on while also bringing a feeling of comforting warmth. What better way to blend impressions than with a truly versatile, neutral shade.

Get the Look: Plants, Natural Light, Open Space, Natural Elements

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  1. The exact color I’ve been looking for!

    Karen Herbert
  2. What light pinky/mauve color goes best with drift of mist? for a bathroom. Thanks!

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Jill, check out these light pink/mauve colors:
      Vaguely Mauve SW 6015
      Breathless SW 6022
      Wallflower SW 6281
      Order some free chips of your color(s) from our site. It is very important to look at the color in your lighting.


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