December 2023

Color of The Month


SW 6615

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Add a dash of drama with a fiery shade that knows how to rev up a room. Peppery’s expressive nature excites your space with bold, attention-grabbing energy.

Why We Love It

Expressive Eclectic

A lively palette of vivid hues comes to life this month to animate an eclectic design style that’s anything but bland. This bright mix of colors adds a cheerful energy to match the style’s playful personality. At the center of the pack sits Peppery, an expressive orange-red that sets the tone and ties together a fun and quirky yet curated blend of everything you love most.

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Punctuated with Color

Eclectic design brings together all your favorite things to make a unique and engaging statement. It’s a look that exudes fun and quirky sophistication where vibrant color and layered styles meet, mix, and mingle in a way that feels natural and visually compelling. Accentuating with pops of bright color against a neutral backdrop leaves room for creative expression but also keeps it all balanced. An Indigo accent wall adds depth and mood while accents of Chartreuse and Peppery punctuate the space with happy, energizing vibes.

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  1. What color are the ceilings and walls in this ad?

    Lorita Greene

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