Eider White SW 7014 Paint Dollop

August 2021

Color of The Month

Eider White

SW 7014

Modern Belgian styled dining room with rustic wood table and exposed wooden beams on ceiling, walls are Eider White SW 7014

Add a timeless touch with a neutral that’s always in style.

Can luxury and simplicity go hand in hand? Just look to Modern Belgian. This eternally liveable style cuts the clutter while creating a space that’s rich with texture instead of things. From natural wood grains to organic textiles, this cozy aesthetic makes you feel right at home. 

Eider White SW 7014 walls with minimal fireplace and built in shelves decorated with modern vases, art, and books

Style Influences

When a space is known for pared-back style, warm neutrals are a natural fit for telling the story. A timeless shade like Eider White creates an evergreen backdrop so other colors can come into play. You can also work in richer hues like golden yellow or dusty blue to infuse the room with a hint of color. 

Want to learn more about Eider White? Explore our Color of the Month to find additional inspiration and don’t forget to tag your Eider White paint projects on social media with #SWColorLove for a chance to be featured in our gallery. 


  1. hard to find the right color and what does tinted mean?

    charles ester
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Charles, we are here to help with any project related questions. Let us know how we can help. Tinted is the name of our blog related to tinting paint 🙂

  2. What is the light reflecting value of Eider White?

    Misty Evans
  3. What are the undertones of Eider White?

    Linda Prutzman
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Linda, Eider White is a very light Greige (grey+beige) which means it has a beige or tan undertone.

  4. How do I get a professional size sample sheet?

    Carol Ocheltree
  5. Hi! Could you please tell me the paint color in the back hallway (in the photo promoting eider white)? Is it the Blustery Sky color or another color? Thanks!

  6. Hi. I like change colors in rmy house. I little confuse what colors is the correct. And Combinations:/

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