Paint dollop tinted Sashay Sand SW 6051.

April 2024

Color of The Month

Sashay Sand

SW 6051

Dining room painted Sashay Sand SW 6051.

Nostalgia meets modern in Sashay Sand’s blushing beige pink hue. This playful shade brings a lighthearted whimsy to April’s candy-coated color palette that’s made to charm.

Why We Love It

Dining room painted Sashay Sand SW 6051.

The Sweet Life

April’s Candy Filter palette adds a sweet sophistication to a design style that blends the best of past and present. Sashay Sand’s mood boosting nature infuses spaces with a calming atmosphere of dreamy nostalgia. As a backdrop, this subtle shade creates the perfect canvas for blending the simple minimalism of Scandinavian style with mid-century, vintage vibes. Decorative accents and furniture that evoke a bygone era but also feel at home in a modern design pull these looks together.

Get the look: Vintage Items, Mid-century Furniture, Light Wood Tones, Organic Shapes

Kitchen with cabinets and accents painted Sashay Sand SW 6051.

Pastel Heaven

A bright, pastel palette of pinks, greens and beiges is welcome anywhere, but it makes a standout statement in the kitchen. Coupled with abundant natural light, White Snow walls and a Pearl Gray backsplash maintain an open, airy feel in the space that enhances the other shades. Cascade Green’s dusty mint hue adds a surprise of charismatic color and balances the overall delicate lightness.

Get the look: Vintage Items, Mid-century Furniture, Light Wood Tones, Organic Shapes

Bedroom with shelf nook painted Sashay Sand SW 6051.

Subdued and Simple

A subdued and simple approach sometimes works best for a kids bedroom. Porcelain’s warm undertones hug the space with a comforting sense of security and coziness. Aside from its timeless appeal that won’t go out of style, this neutral shade’s versatility allows subtle pops of Sashay Sand and supporting colors from the palette to add character and interest.

Get the look: Simplified Palette, Layered Fabrics, Natural Wood, Mixed Textures

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