April 2023

Color of The Month

Malted Milk

SW 6057

Seeing life in pink?

Malted Milk’s soft shade can turn every day into a sweet escape. Couple this blushing beauty with cottagecore vibes to craft a home where little moments are romanticized.

Why We Love It

See how we brought Malted Milk to life in three different rooms.

Pastoral and Pretty

Our Color of the Month palette is a playful blend of the cozy-warm, welcoming vibe of a countryside cottage with a more thoughtfully refined sensibility. Capture the homey feel of a cottagecore look with comfy layered textiles and throws to help bring the feeling of fireside warmth to your space. The tonal shades of Malted Milk and Emerging Taupe add to the soft glow and bathe the room in natural beauty. There’s an effortless elegance beneath the sweet surface of Malted Milk that carries the look in its own unique way.

Get the Look: Tonal Color Scheme, Layered Fabrics, Floral Elements

Light as Air

When something is delicate beyond words, we do the best we can and call it ethereal. That’s the essence of Malted Milk. Though outwardly elegant and romantic, there’s a lightheartedness in the shade that embodies the beautiful simplicity of the everyday. Even as an accent, the whimsical charm at the heart of this dainty hue softens the more sophisticated side of the cottagecore look with a characteristic wink of quirky fun. With Snowbound playing main attraction, you get the perfect airy backdrop for a space that feels both elevated and eclectic.

Get the Look: Unique Items, Natural Elements, Curated Appeal

Countryside Comfort

Sit back and settle into a relaxed space where warmth and character abound, and there’s never a doubt about when it’s time for tea. Mount Etna’s dusty blue shade gathers attention at the center, grounding the space and coaxing Malted Milk’s more sophisticated side. Natural elements hint at the pastoral roots of this aesthetic, highlighting its simple countryside charm.

Get the Look: Natural Elements, Comfy Throws, Vases

Want to learn more about Malted Milk? Explore our Color of the Month to find additional inspiration and don’t forget to tag your Malted Milk paint projects on social media with #SWColorLove for a chance to be featured in our gallery.


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