3 Foolproof Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger feat. West Elm

Small square footage cramping your style? These space-enhancing tricks are a foolproof way to make even the smallest spaces look and feel bigger without having to sacrifice pretty for practical. We looked to our partner West Elm to share how the right hues and furniture can help you live large (even when you’re in a studio).

apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows
Photo Courtesy of West Elm 
Featured Color: Natural White SW 9542 

#1 Stick With Light Colors

Is it taboo to use dark colors in small spaces? The answer is no, but when your goal is making a room feel bigger, darker hues absorb the light instead of reflecting it. Sticking with light-colored hues like Natural White allows you to create a more spacious look that’s brighter and airier. These crisp shades reflect the most amount of light possible, resulting in a room that feels more open than it is. It’s all about perspective!

vignette of a cozy bedroom with a balcony
Photo Courtesy of West Elm 
Featured Color: First Star SW 7646 

#2 Draw the Eye Up

Fake it ’til you make it! Even if you don’t have the height of high ceilings, we have some visual tricks up our sleeve that tell your eye otherwise. Something as simple as painting walls the same color as the crown molding or hanging curtains closer to the ceiling (instead of right above the window) can work wonders to draw the eye up and make the room feel taller. When choosing the fabric for those curtains, West Elm also recommends sheer fabrics to maximize the natural light in your space.

vignette of a wooden bookshelf in an apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows
Photo Courtesy of West Elm 
Featured Color: Neutral Ground SW 7568

#3 Opt for Multipurpose Furniture

In a small space, everything needs to pull double-duty – including your furniture. “Choosing pieces that can play more than one role will help your space function better now, and in the future,” suggests West Elm. They recommend a list of versatile all-stars like bookshelves and bar carts to help maximize storage thanks to their go-anywhere style that can be used in living rooms and kitchens alike.  

Looking for more ways to make the most of a small space? Check out our guide on maximizing the light in your home and view West Elm’s full list of small-space strategies for more product picks. 

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