2023 Colormix® Forecast Spotlight: Meet Lore

Tap into the power of storytelling with the bold and inspiring hues of the Lore palette from our 2023 Colormix Forecast®. This nostalgic collection of colors provides the perfect backdrop for creating spaces that are uniquely yours. 

A sitting area vignette with a leather chair with a yellow pillow on it and the Lore logo in the bottom left corner.
Featured Color: Carnelian SW 7580 

Meet the Palette

From the bright but muted hues to the powdery pastels, Lore inspires us to bring exuberant color back into our homes. It begins with the uplifting expression of creative energy in the rich ocher blaze of Nugget’s earthen hue, and carries through Serape’s jolt of sunny-warm intensity. The deep, comforting tones of Carnelian and Mineral Gray ground the palette and are perfect for adding mood to a space, while the delicate lightness of Studio Mauve and Wallflower provide the playful whimsy. Blue Peacock’s stunning jewel tone stands out and provides a statement of sophistication and focus in the palette. 

Contemporary boho entryway with Studio Mauve painted stripes on the wall and a double doors painted in Blue Peacock.
Featured Colors: Studio Mauve SW 0062 & Blue Peacock SW 0064

Get the Look

Weave the story of your home’s unique personality with the alluring and joyful colors of Lore. Whether you’re crafting a space that leans contemporary boho or clean and modern, the hues in this collection are versatile enough for almost any design style. Bring the deeper, richer hues into spaces where you want to create an atmosphere of coziness and drama, while the energizing brights can be reserved for smaller, more mindful accents for impact. The point is to find the expressive playfulness in the collection and have fun using it in unexpected ways. 

A designer's mood board for the Lore palette.
Lore Mood Board

How will you use Lore to tell your story? Try the collection in your home with FREE color chips and find the perfect hue. Don’t forget to check out the full 2023 Colormix® Forecast for more color trend inspiration. 

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