Color Rewind: ‘70s-Inspired Palettes

Color your space with the ‘good vibes’ of the ‘70s. As this vibrant decade resurfaces in all of its rainbow glory, one thing’s for sure – what’s old is new again. From floral patterns to geometric accents, our ‘70s-inspired color palettes bring a modern twist to an old favorite. Can you dig it?

1970s living room

Beautifully Boho

A breezy vibe fit for a flower child. This back-to-nature color palette is made up of neutrals and earth tones that set the stage for a space that feels organic. Using airy colors on the walls can open up your room by maximizing the reflective effect of natural light. Complete the down-to-earth look with rattan furniture and live greenery to create a bohemian sanctuary.

1970s kitchen style, orange walls, table and chairs

Kaleidoscope of Color

March to the beat of your own drum. A wilder color palette of oranges, blues and greens lets you play with creating a space that’s a lively rainbow. You can choose a single shade to set the tone for your room, while coordinating decor ties in the rest of the palette. If you feel like making more of a statement, try painting a retro-inspired accent wall using all the colors together.

kitchen, green walls, wooden table and chairs

Opposites Attract

Why blend in when you can stand out? Contrasting colors were a dominant theme in ‘70s rooms, making an unexpected palette of green and purple the perfect way to create a space that speaks for itself. Find balance between the two by choosing one shade to be your primary color, while the other becomes a secondary choice for accents and accessories.

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