Our Top 5 Bold Neutrals

Be colorfully bold. These hues prove that going neutral doesn’t always have to be white or gray.

circles with bold color shades

Rookwood Red

Rookwood Red’s deep shade of burgundy features subtle brown undertones that make a dramatic statement. Keep this dark hue feeling balanced with other muted colors of beige and burnt orange. 

Urbane Bronze

We love the depth that Urban Bronze brings. This earthy hue features a beautiful blend of brown and green undertones that work together to create a calming hue. It’s a result that’s bold and understated all at the same time.


Naval’s sapphire-like shade can be the main attraction or fade quietly into the background. This versatile hue has a universal quality that works with so many different styles, making it a color that can take on anything.

Spiced Cider

With toasty undertones of orange and brown, Spiced Cider creates an earthy hue that feels casual and refined. This warm neutral plays well with other organic shades of brown, beige, green and blue.

Hunt Club

A rich green like Hunt Club creates a lush backdrop with dark, forest-inspired tones. Whether it’s an accent or the main attraction, pairing this neutral with lighter furniture and accessories can create a traditional looking space.

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  1. I love color ! And, I love your color suggestions. I formally owned a painting business, now I’m using color on my own palette for artistic ventures . Keep up the great job !

  2. I had seen a new color named banana cream. I would like to know if you have this color at the store. A price per gallon please. Thank you, Jennifer

    Jennifer Dejonge
  3. Excellent colors

    Mark A Floretta
  4. We love the spiced cider we have oak trim oak molding solid oak furniture throughout the entire home and this color brings out the warmth of the oak in the grain it makes everything so calming we just love the color and the navy blue and just cannot say enough about the colors if you were afraid like me to go with a color you’re tired of the white walls trust their color choices be bald and try it it’s paint you can always paint over It. We’ve never done both color and I’m so glad we did we absolutely love it thank you thank you thank you for this color that brings warmth to a very large space accent pillows and navy and blue Hughes and the Oaks play beautifully with the wall color thank you sincerely Wayne and Jeanette S

    Jeanette Scheiern
  5. Looking to buy a popular neutral coloured paint for a 1100 sq ft condo. Open kitchen has brown tones

    Shelley Balachanoff
  6. Love Rockwood Red, Hunter Green and Naval!!! These bold and beautiful colors make for a dramatic accent wall or above/below a chair rail. They must be tempered with a light, soft neutral. They are rich and comforting colors, in my humble opinion.

  7. Can I order paint samples on-line?

    Barbara Van Straten
  8. Thanks for showing that neutral doesn’t mean beige, or even worse, gray. Good to see warmer tones again.

  9. I like these color ideas,,
    I can’t seem to find the right colors, to do each
    Room in my apartment..( the kitchen,bathroom, and also the living room. This helps me decide

    Sonia Green
  10. It would be great to see pictures of your featured colors in rooms on your emails. Thank you!

  11. Jeanette Shelern: Just a thought, since you have oak furnitiure and like the grain, you might consider using a fine paint brush and a color that matches the darker grain in your furniture to paint marks like wood grain over the spiced cider. Although I have never done this myself, I have seen the technique used more than once (on woodwork) with marvelous results. It takes a lot of time and patience and, of course, the right tools and the right paint. Best wishes.

    Rosemary Johns s have seen the technique used with marvelous results. Best wishes.
  12. I am trying to order paint on line and use your 30% discount
    I want to purchase a gallon of agreeable gray sw 7029
    Pick up on Keene road SW

    Marsha Knore
  13. I painted my house urbane bronze and I’m looking for a coordinating red for the front door. Is their a red that goes with this color? BTW, I get so many complements on urbane bronze color of my house.

    Kathy Farnsworth
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi Kathy, glad to hear that Urbane Bronze has been such a hit. A red with a noticeable terra cotta undertone would look beautiful. Consider Rookwood Terra Cotta SW 2803. Other colors that would work on your door are:
      Pennywise SW 6349
      Spicy Hue SW 6342

  14. We are painting a pub restaurant (bar area) in Hunter Green. All of the wood is dark. Which color would be good to flow into the bar area that also has dark antique wood furniture. Having issues

    Carmen McDonnell
    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hello Carmen, a warm terra cotta would look great. Check out:
      Decorous Amber SW 0007
      Copper Mountain SW 6356
      Earthen Jug SW 7703


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