March 2022

Color of The Month

Iron Ore

SW 7069

Craft bold and beautiful style with statement-making color. 

Iron Ore’s timeless shade speaks for itself – that’s why it’s one of our most popular colors. Whether it plays with other hues or makes a statement on its own, this warm charcoal knows how to blend beautifully.

Why We Love It

See how we brought Iron Ore to life four different ways. 

Nod to Natural

Warm and welcoming style makes everyone feel at home. A shade like Iron Ore instantly adds a sense of comfort thanks to a soothing tone that puts you at ease. To make the room even more comforting, focus on adding organic shapes and natural textures that soften the space even more.

The Trend: Warm Modern 
Get the Look: Pampas Grass, Color Blocking, Mixed Materials


You don’t need a time machine to bring back retro style – just look back to look forward. Borrowing from the past to put a new spin on an oldie but goodie is the perfect homage to the things that make you nostalgic. Iron Ore’s trendsetting style lets you work in a modern interpretation of the past to create a tailored backdrop for blending yesterday’s heirlooms with the ones of tomorrow.

The Trend: Nostalgia 
Get the Look: Mid-Century Furnishings, Organic Shapes, Greenery

Lounging Lavishly

Maximalism knows how to dress a room in drama, but you can take it a step further by saturating a space in color. This head-to-toe style creates a luxurious setting where a curated collection of old and new finds can tell their story fittingly.

The Trend: Dark Maximalism
Get the Look: Unique Shapes, Metallic Accents, Painted Trim

Lined in Literature

Looking for an air of mystery? Dark Academia’s growing trend romanticizes the days of writers, poets, and scholars for a collegiate style that feels steeped in history. Pair vintage finds with a moody palette of browns and grays to design an extravagant study nostalgic for first editions.

The Trend: Dark Academia
Get the Look: Gilded Decor, Vintage Books, Leather Accents

Want to learn more about Iron Ore? Explore our Color of the Month to find additional inspiration and don’t forget to tag your Iron Ore paint projects on social media with #SWColorLove for a chance to be featured in our gallery.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous color I’ve used it for over a year. Ultra dark gray just beautiful.

  2. what color is above iron ore!
    Alabaster maybe

    jean-pierre soucy
  3. What color is on the right wall in the 5th picture?

    • Sherwin-Williams logo

      Hi there, if we are talking about the same photo, it is Alabaster SW 7008.

        photo. Is it all iron ore on the wall? It looks like a darker gray, but different than the rest of the iron ore.

        • Sherwin-Williams logo

          Hi there, yes this is all in Iron Ore! It looks darker due to the lighting and shadow on the wall in the photo. Try a free sample to see how it appears in your lighting if you are considering this color.


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